What's your favorite story?

I do not know what to read, so I wanted to ask you, what’s your favorite story and why?:sunglasses:

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The Chain Reactions and It’s Just An Illusions are great the author has such great character details and dept on them it really makes you connect with them and it’s actually sad when something happens to them.
The New Girl and The Shaw Brothers is also a great story because once again the thought that’s gone into the characters is unreal snd directing is superb


Yep, the Chain reaction and it’s just an illusion series are so good, you should check them out

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I will definitely read it!

Hard question, but I really enjoyed binge-reading Meet the Adams by Rasha. :blush:

I love Chain Reaction (my favourite).
It was one of my first stories on Episode and the only story that really got me exited and I even I read about 10 episodes in one day.
The only reason I stayed on Episode is because of this story and that story motivated me to create my own!
I know this story has swearing in it, also that’s still mafia but this story has special place in my heart.

These are also some of my favourite stories:

4.If only he knew
5.The Shaw brothers
6.Maid for you
7.Back and Forth
8.The secret of Rain
9.Pregnant by her boyfriend (it’s the only pregnant story that I actually enjoy)


I’ve already read chain reaction: lost, the story is great, but for some reason I did not like it as much as the others.

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I’ve already read chain reaction: lost, the story is great, but for some reason I did not like it as the other.
My favorite stories are:

  • Dity Litlle Secrets (new chapters coming out tomorrow yeyy)
  • Gas pedal
  • Life behind bars
  • The watchers
  • Modern Family
  • Venomous

I love Venomous.


I think that’s my favorite of all.
I was reading it all day long as long as I have tickets.

Lol same I love good mistery/action stories.

and a little romantic, and that’s the perfect story.
I do not like when the story is all about love interest (TWO or even THREE)

I agree.

‘Fine Line’ because it has an amazing plot development, great characters and I can see the crazy amount of work what the author put into the directing and into the dialogues written.

‘I Despise You’ because it has a unique romance aspect: the two main characters (both assisins) start dating and then they get to know they have to kill each other. It’s a really entertaining read with many action and comedy scenes.

‘Infamous’ because that was the first story, which actually made me laugh and also the reason I didn’t delete the app after reading so many uninspired, poorly implemented stories.

  • hunting bad
  • loving Latino
  • my psycho
  • provocative
  • rising star
  • Love has no color
  • evil is created
  • Living with the vampire brothers
  • Twisted
  • Wentworth
  • beyond 2 souls
  • the trophy wife
  • Kendall
  • shards of love
  • mason and me
  • somewhere along the way
  • my star
  • blood x
  • from the outside
    *rumours of royalty
    why me
    prince of arcadia
    double crossed
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dirty sexy teenagers is rlly good if you’re looking for comedy

Wow,I like most of those too ( Evil is created is a very interesting story)

I have read only one comedy(Modern Family) I will definitely check that story out

  • Speak because it is so realistic and accurately portrays mental health issues. It personally has helped me deal with some of my issues, but make sure to grab the tissues. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever read on Episode. Truly unique. There are currently 78 Episodes (reported to have a total of 90) and is totally binge-worthy.

  • The Ruby Tiara because it has a great plot line and choices matter, It also is unlike anything I have read on Episode. It’s almost complete so totally binge-worthy.

  • Fantastical Folks because it is simply hilarious and has four different endings. It’s a short story (3 Episodes).

  • Adrenaline because the directing is simply amazing and is another you’ll need tissues for.

  • Pregnant By A Killer because although it has a cliche title, it is totally not a cliche story. It actually very realistically shows gang life.

Fantastical Folks is amazinggg story,but I choosed ending were he becomes shadow :frowning:

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