What's your favorite subject?

  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Math
  • Computers
  • Drama
  • P.E. (Physical Education)
  • Art
  • Band
  • Chorus

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Favorite School Subject?

No Orchestra for all us string geeks?


Oh I’m sorry! I’ve never heard of Orchestra class before so sorry!


It’s fine :joy:


Writing is my personal favorite.:joy:


I don’t take art (because I already take art classes outside of school) but if I did, that would most likely be my favorite. And if there was an orchestra option, I would probably choose that. (Orchestra is a class where they teach instruments such as the violin, viola, etc; etc;)


No English?


Hey I was wondering, what is your guys favorite subjects in school or, what was it when you were in school and why?
Mine are History and Science! I just enjoy learning about the Earth and the past and how we became the society we are now I guess :grin:
What about you!? :thinking::blush:


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English! 100%


Ahh, that’s a great subject too!


I used to like History but its soooo long!!


It is but I just find it really interesting and I just geniunely love the class :smile:


I feel like the people that are in the class have an impact on the lesson like if your class just talks and is unbothered, you slack off too.


Yeah, I agree! But my classmates are good in there and the teacher is funny so I love it. Just learning about History and old ancient cities is just so fascinating!


English and when it was finally time to go home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::rofl::grin:


Thats coolio!


I know :sunglasses:


My favorite subject isssss… Fitness and Buisness.
Should I explain what business, the class?


I know what the class is :grin:
you can explain if you want!


English and History 100%

I also like Food Tech, it’s fun :+1: