What's your favorite thing about writing? And what's your favorite character in your story and why? It can be good or bad characters

What’s your favorite thing about writing?


My favorite thing about writing would probably be the ability to create a world exactly to my liking. I get to choose how people act, what’s real and what’s fake, who lives and who dies. It’s exhilarating. My favorite character in my story is probably my LI, Blake. He puts others needs before his and he is hella hot lol. He’s just a great guy all around.


My fav thing about writing is writing the plot but I hate coding and Do the characters development

My fav character in my story ( Greenland not out yet) is the Mc’s best friend she is so fun.
I hate writing the characters development and the Mc characters, she’s kinda serious so it’s not fun
I started writing because of a weird dream Ahah


My favorite thing about writing is that I feel like I can escape into a fantasy world, one where our worldly problems don’t have to exist. I know it’s only temporary, but it helps me personally.

My favorite character is Nicole Tolea, from my story The Empress, since I think it’s a reminder that no matter how rich you are, how good your life is, the more you have, the more you have to lose. Everyone is different. Everyone is human. And in the society we live in, it’s easy to forget that…


I agree same i like how it’s like creating a world in our image of how we think.

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I like coding but I’m not that great at character development and I also love writing the plot.


I definitely agree with that you can still have those things and still be unhappy about life.

And everyone life is different we don’t know what throws at us.

Live is too short don’t be focus on materialistic things.

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My favorite thing about writing is being able to create something new sorta of what like @paigebarr said-- I like creating something I like or something I want to speak on and put it on towards my writing and it can anything I’m interested in or curious about.

My favorite characters are Casper the love interest in my story, I like how’s introvert and awkward but he has good intentions and he has moral. And I also like my MC Noelle she is confident and independent and determined to do anything her heart desires.

She’s very strong minded – i have a few more but those are my favorite :joy:

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My most favorite thing about writing to see the result of my work. I get this feeling every time I complete a scene, and I really don’t know how to describe it. All of the hours I put into coding thousands of lines make it feel so worth it when my friends are able to enjoy the time that I put into my own stories.
I do enjoy coding and writing the dialogue a lot, and because of that my typing has gotten 10x faster. However, I don’t think anything is more enjoyable than seeing the completed work for me :heart:

My favorite character in my story would have to be Marilyn. I feel an emotional connection to her because I wrote her solely based off of myself. Marilyn is another version of me. All her flaws and mistakes are shown in my story to educate other people. What I’m trying to portray in my story is that you cannot judge other people based on their actions. Their wrong actions can make them a bad person, however, there’s more to it. It’s not just because they are “bad people.” There’s history, the way they were raised, and the environment that they grew up in that caused them to do what they do. You have to understand them to try to help them become a better person. So I try to portray that through Marilyn.


Yeah I feel like that too as well like I completely everything in that episode a final product is alot to accomplished.

What I like the most is basically creating everything to my liking, I decide what happens, how characters act and interact, who falls for who and so on.

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My favorite thing about writing, like many other people said is that I get to create my “own world”. All of my characters have different ways they would react to a certain thing. They all have flaws. It feels like I’m creating a mini movie.

My favorite character is the MC:)


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My favorite thing about writing is being able to be myself without worry about how people perceive me as. In real life I’m in school where everything u do is criticized :pensive: but in my stories I don’t have to worry abt judgement, I just have to write. I guess it’s an escape as well but it’s also just fun. I can lose myself in my writing. And I know I may not be the best, but that’s the thing, I don’t have to be

My favorite character in my story is Alice. She’s a very interesting character to write and her storyline is cool to me. She’s not the most perfect or nicest character and that’s why I like her

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My favorite thing about writing is creating a world in my way.I can create everything I always wanted to,and it makes me feel so good.
My favorite character is Alison Baldwin,a person that when wants something,she gets it.I wanted to be more like her…

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I definitely agree with that.


i feel like with character development the further you go with the story the more you learn about the characters.

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My favorite thing about writing is the satisfaction and fulfillment I get from sharing my work with other people to enjoy. I love writing as a creative outlet and watching myself improve and overcome challenges and grow.

Favorite character from Confessions of a Female Jock is Colette my wild child. She cracks me up. A free spirited loose canon.

Favorite character from Ace of Spades is Garret my brooding black sheep.


Yeah character development is important.

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