What's your favorite word?



Mine is: Sonder

SONDER -n. the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

Other words i like: Serendipity, Clinquant, Aurora, Facade and Grotesque.


Wow. That is one big dictionary. My favorite word is legend. It sums up my life goal in one word.


Maybe Heart or Wonder-hmm, it’s hard to decide when there are so many beautiful words in the English language :wink:


Food :joy:


is it? well then i guess so. And i hope you reach to that goal


:joy: I know I’m weird.


oh no i meant for that big dictionary thing lol


Ohhh :joy:


It’s gucci


Immaculate is my favorite word of all time. I just think it’s so beautiful.

Honorable mentions:

  • Fortnight
  • Thrice
  • Scintillating
  • Miraculous

I also like the word facade! :grin:


they sound pretty satisfying, i like em




My Favorite Words!

Pertain: it’s a more intelligent way of saying “Relate.”

Illustrate, infer, convey, dictate, lavish, incessant, coherent, contort, elaborate, grim, immense, scalding, immaculate, and destitute.

I’m a writer so my use of words is pretty ELABORATE

ba dum tsh

No? Okay.


I’m a bit more technical with my “favorite” words rather than creative.

Most people base their favorite words from how pleasant they sound or how extravagant they look.

My preferences are solely based of use and intelligence. I think the smallet details really set the tone and artistry of writing.

People typically base their favorite words off adjectives and description.
I expand my vocabulary with articles and occasional verbs.


That’s nice, well for me whenever i like a certain word it’s because of the meaning behind it. I suppose everyone has a different view on this kind of thing, i love to learn new words not to only just extend my vocabulary. *but to also help myself how to put my feelings into words in a better way

When i write, i tend to be descriptive. It would be cool if i knew how to just simply put it in one word


My favourite word in English is Catharsis :3


mine is

oof, deadass, sis, bro, & lmfao


My favorite word is

Free country, free amazing delicious food!


My favorite word is - Infiltration