What's your favourite genre on episode?


This would be helpful for my stories :slight_smile: thank you

  • Romance
  • Mafia
  • Thriller
  • Mystery
  • Fantasy
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Mixed

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I love how Mafia is it’s own genre now.


Yeah it’s very popular at the moment I see


Thanks to everyone who’s voted so far it’s helped a lot I want to try do a story of each different genre


Um is Mafia supposed to replace Action? Because I would have voted for Action…


Omg I’m so sorry I didn’t realise I forgot action :joy:


I’ll take BY ORDER, Mystery - Drama - Romance - Comedy


Thank you


I figured drama and romance would be tied


In some cases


Noooo, action is the best genre ever, how could it be forgotten? :scream:

And this is the first thread I have seen mentioning mafia as a genre :thinking:

Anyways, I will go with mystery & drama for now : )

However, it should be your choice on what genres appeal to you the most and would best represent your stories :sparkling_heart:

And remember don’t write about something just because it’s popular- write about something that means a lot to you and you are proud of it ; )

Good luck! :sparkles:


Thank you for that it’s really helpful :grin:


I prefer action though, not mafia. I don’t like anything with mafia. :joy:


:joy: I do have an action story coming out soon


That’s Great! Looking forward to it. :wink: I’ve been searching a lot for action stories, only few aren’t mafia or gangsters.


Yeah my problem is I have too many ideas for stories so it’s nice to know what people will read


Hmm. Well yeah, but I prefer doing what I want rather than what others want. So work your heart out to all the ideas you have. You never know when it blossoms :wink:


exactly thank you