What's Your Favourite Genre?

Mine is Sci-Fi, it’s so underrated but so good! How about you guys? Don’t forget to tell me why!


Sucker for Romance but not just the cliche stuff, I want the unexpected romance, more engaging. Love a mystery too, enjoy having to use my brain to work out what is going on or come up with conspiracies.


Im your basic person
Drama,Romance , fantasy

Comedy and anything realistic




To write in, it’s comedy… Because I’m good at it? Well compared to other genres.
To read in, it’s a tie between comedy and mystery. Mystery because it’s a lot more intellectually stimulating than some other genres and makes me think. Comedy because… Idk I like to laugh and sus out my competition at the same time.


Movies: Rom-Com, Comedy or Action
Song: Pop or indie

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Honestly, I am all for cliches, if done in a unique way. I like the idea if ‘uniquely cliche’.

My favorite genres are romance and fantasy.


Sci fi

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I think I like to read everything, but if I had to narrow it down, I like action and adventure the best.

My favorite things to write are sci fi and fantasy, and I always like to use romance as a subplot.

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fantasy. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Mystery, horror, sci-fi. I don’t tend to read purely Romance stories, but things like Agent Cinderella by @EliseC and @Mabel are my fav types!

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i like horror and sci-if.

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I think it would either be drama or mystery. Except Idk about drama anymore since it’s being taken over by mafia and bad boy stories :roll_eyes:

Mine is fantasy and adventure. I feel that those genres have the most stories with unique plots and have a lot of period drama and I absolutey love old period stories.
However, my favourite genre to write in is comedy lol


Reading novels it’s contemporary fantasy. Reading Episode it’s sci-fi, even though it doesn’t have its own genre designation here. I like fantasy here too, but it’s hard to sort through on the app. A large part of the trending shelf is vampire/werewolf stuff, which isn’t really for me.

I also love horror.

And I love thriller if it’s mystery-focused. I’m not as much of a fan of the thriller stories that are romance-adjacent, personally.

I guess I like stories that create suspense or which use science fiction or magic elements to ask interesting philosophical questions.

Fantasy, Drama, and Action :smile:

Science fiction, fantasy, action/adventure for reading.

For writing, it is drama.

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