What's your first thought when you see this outfit?

my first thought is, that one 3rd grade teacher who everyone liked because she was cool haha

edit: i was going for a trendsetter fashionable but conservative vibe but idk if it worked :confused:


I thought about design manager or something like that)

i’m contemplating a dramatic purple/black lip, but that might be too much :grimacing:

my reaction was literally “okayyyy…”

Honestly was thinking the same thing. She looks like my first grade teacher. Everyone did like her because she was obsessed with frogs and brought some in once.

Professional but at the same time it look more like a party’s dress

Ohhh Cool. Edgy and risky, depends what character she is. Cool tho :call_me_hand:t3:

I LOVE IT! Chic and nice but not too fancy. Casual enough for work!

It depends on the characters personality, that outfit could become anything: a witch, a teacher, a party outfit, a celebrity, anything! It just depends on how she acts as a person which will then make people say ‘Oh yeah, I can see how she’s a teacher’ or ‘I can see how she so famous, that outfits SLAYS!!!’

It looks okay.

Closing due to one month of inactivity :slight_smile: