What's your greatest fear(s)?


Just a thread i created because im bored lol.

I have two biggest fears. One is the fear of drowning. Especially when there is no one around to save you scares the living flim flam out of me lol . Another fear is the dark, I guess that is more of a phobia. I can’t sleep with the lights out or go out at night with friends. I feel like darkness is a portal that will swallow me up to another dimension lol Crazy right? So everything I do has to be in light

Enough about me, what’s your greatest fear?


My greatest fear is old houses!! I know some people like them because of the “character” and vintage details they have but I’m just scared and spirits live there :frowning:


Lol my fear is kinda weird but have you seen The Conjuring???!!


Im scared of ghosts not finding love and bandaid :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I use to live in an old house when i was younger. God, i couldn’t sleep a wink! Yes! the conjuring had me up for nights after watching it


:joy: Lol!



  • falling or standing on a reallllyyyyy tall building and tripping and falling down
  • falling in love with someone who uses that to taunt me in some way
  • insects
  • blood


Losing the person I care most about


I agree, love can be very scary at times >.<! and just looking at a tall building makes me sick!


I feel you on that one :disappointed:


Dying alone
Not finding love
Rap snacks going outta business
My mom dying


Rap snacks are life!


That third one tho :joy::joy::joy::joy:


It’s trueeeeeee you know my love for them I’d literally have a heart attack no lie

I know we just meet…but I love you!


It’s true


Ghosts, elevators, escalators, heights, the dark, and insects

  • I can deal with ghosts but meat terrifies me. Like… its slimy and smells weird.
  • Eating meat (especially pork) PIGS CAN CRY!!! I broke down after hearing this.
  • Confinement : This is terrifying to me. I’m fine with heights… but small spaces/boundaries NOPE I’MA YEET MYSELF OUT OF THERE!
  • I have to agree with @Teahwalker on the bandaids… Partially because I had a traumatizing experience after using one but mostly because I use so many and they’re expensive.

Overall… my phobias are particularly odd but I actually love spiders, snakes and typical fears! :smile:


Im glad im not alone, the dark terrifies me!


I also hate silence… I need background noise or music to fall asleep


I hate holes too. I don’t like the tiny holes that be in clusters, it makes me itch lol