What's your guilty pleasure?


So, I decided to make this because it would be funny to see what other peoples guilty pleasure is, do you have a weird one? I will start off, and maybe you have the same one as me- but my guilty pleasure is…

Listening to Christmas music all year long! :heart:

I know its a bit weird, but they’re so happy! And they have sick beats, I also like Christmas music. I don’t listen to Christmas music all year long but I get very tempted and I think next year I will crack.


When I pour glue on my hands, wait for it to dry and then peel off.

Or when I chew a small piece of paper/tissue


I do that too aha


I like to rewatch movies even if I’ve watched them for more than 10 times :sweat_smile:


Love your profile pic! I miss Chloe :sleepy:


I love doing that with the glue. But I’d have to say mine is…eating rap snacks they’re a snack from where I am and I love them more then my ten kids. But I know I’m not suppose to be eating it because of my health which I’m working on but gee they’re so addicting.


Omigosh thanks! I like yours too and OOF I KNOW RIGHT SAME HERE, she’s my life


Yassss! I wish they could make life is strange 2 with the same cast!


This one is a weird one but when you begin to eat a tub of pringles and you try to limit yourself but before you know it the whole tub is empty and your just sat there like…


So satisfying tbh. I used to be addicted to eating ice (I KNOW ITS WEIRD) like I never craved it but I just liked the feeling of it if it makes sense


Ugh, same here. I have a feeling it’s gonna be pretty good but just not the same as the first one or Before The Storm


Same I want Nathan back as weird as that sounds, I always felt sorry for him ;(


I want Rachel back oof


:joy: I like Max wayyyy more though


I love her too but if I had to choose I’d go for AmberPrice tbh


Hdodbwkwgwidbdjd WE ARE SO MUCH ALIKE SAMEEEEEEEEE like nothing is wrong with crunching on a nice ice cube I use to eat them like chips.




Ice balls?! Bro I think I’ve seen them but never had any yesssssssss I’m like craving a slushy at the moment.


Kinda hard to describe but I honestly think they’re one of the best ices imo.

What kinda slushy flavor you craving?


I’ll look it up still want some to :joy:

Also Mountain Dew me getting Mountain Dew is like a crazy mixture there.!