What's your happy/safe place?

My happy place is when I’m listening to music. It always calms me down.


My bed with my phone.

My bed with my phone as well or my shower. Or in my boyfriend’s arms

My happy place is my Shower and my cosy Bed :shower: :bed: :heart:

My happy place is stable, because I love horses

My bed, my boyfriend arms and the shower

the mall. Don’t judge me

Music. Nothing else can make me feel better, unless I’m watching funny moments.

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Music while on my bed. It calms me so much.

In my room with my dog. Listening to music or watching shows with her.

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Alone in my room listening to music

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The walk from my bed to the fridge. Then the walk to the fridge to my bed :smirk:

I’m dead serious.

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listening to music while laying down on my bed. it doesn’t make me happy but it makes me calm.

My room, listening to music.

:joy::joy: same!

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