What's Your Least Favorite Thing to Draw/Edit?

Hi all artists, editors, and, well, everyone! Here’s a question for you!

What’s your least favorite thing to draw or edit?


Least favourite thing to edit =

  • Custom Poses (I only make them for personal use)

  • INK/Classic Characters

Least favourite thing to draw =

  • Facial Features (They end up looking deformed/wonky :sweat_smile:)

  • Hair (Never goes right! For me, it’s one of the hairdest (:joy: I admit that as a horrible joke, just thought to make a laugh about an automatic spell check change) things to draw currently


When it comes to custom poses, my least favorite thing to do is limbs :weary: It’s so tedious. Especially the hands cause I’m so bad at those


HAAAAAAAANDS! I hate drawing hands soo much!


i think i like every part of editing but drawing necks is :woman_standing: all my portraits are neckless


Feet are the worst. I rarely include them in my drawings :tired_face: . Also hands can be an issue sometimes as well :rofl:

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I hate them, that’s why 75% of the time, I cover it up with hair.

  • Custom Poses
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Limb overlays because they make me lose my mind lmfao!! :rofl:

Digital Art:
Nose because when I try drawing nose it looks super weird.
Hair because finding the right brush is a horrible journey for me :rofl::rofl:

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Edits- Limb overlays and other full-body custom poses.

Digital art- One and everything

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YES :clap::clap::clap:


I can’t draw facial expressions at all.
And custom poses are tedious to do but I wanted them in my story so badly

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Just drawing. The. Darn. Body!!! I hate it!!! I’d much rather just draw the clothes and makeup and shade rather than draw the body but the body is pretty fundamental :woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging:

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i cant edit but i draw so
i hate to draw noses on males, i cant really draw a good womans back (behind the neck part) it always looks soooo crooked, i dont like drawing eyelashes , i cant really color the lips or glossy nails :sweat_smile: and i dont like drawing hands /:

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Limbs in custom poses! It’s so frustrating

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