Whats your main characters names?

ur pfp is really pretty, did you draw it?

Thank you! Yes I did :relieved:

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wowww bro you’re really talented

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Dominique and Wesley.

I wanna share because I honestly love the names in my story Earth From Here:

Oriana Grey is the playable character.

Then my love interest are Arlo Orion, Chief Adrian Irpin, Annora Wells (and one more mystery character who i can’t name for spoilers.)

Important characters are Camille Grey, Charles Headman, Everette Rouse, Medalia Luar, and Doris “Mama Dee” Manson

My story takes place a few thousand years in the future and wanted names to reflect that!

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Emilia Perales (MC)
Miles Hamilton (LI)

From my new story, Wrapped Around Your Finger.

Hii mine is Antonio if anyone wants to read it it’s called “behind the tears”

You name the MC and the LI is Nicholas :two_hearts:

Ivy :herb: and kai :ocean:

Brian :jamaica: and Mollissa :dominican_republic: :barbados:

Arabella (Bella) - MC
Addison (Addie) - MC’s [identical] twin
Mona - MC’s [Female] LI
Jax - MC’s [male] LI

Same character names from Heli’s “In My Blood”:sweat_smile:

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Kiah & Spencer.

I will read that story then :joy:

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In all my stories are
Kristen and Daisy
Nuria and Oscar
Icarus and Sun