Whats your main characters names?

Juno & Ezra (Nascar Queen) something February

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cadence(female mc) asher(male li) hasley(female bestfriend)

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Alaia and Damon :joy:

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My story

Characters name:
Dulce Mother Name:
Christina Moreno
Love Interest name:
1st Abraham
2nd Lenny

More characters name:
1th Alyssa & Azalea twin four triple with Armando, Abraham and Alyssa, Azalea half sibling to Emeline & Emmanuel (a female)
2nd Laila (a female)
3rd Valentina (a female)
4th Camila (a female)
5th Devon & Devin they’re twin (a female)
6th Gina (a female)
7th Giselle (a female)
8th Emeline (a female) she have a twin brother Emmanuel and half siblings Alyssa, Azalea, Armando, Abraham
9th Belinda & Destiny they’re twin (a female)
10th Aariz (a male)
11th Armando twin with Abraham and Alyssa, Azalea they are four triple (a male)
12th Fabian & Francisco they’re twin (a male)
13th Fernando (a male)
14th Elmer (a male)
15th Vincenzo (a male)
16th Emmanuel he twin with Emeline and half brother & sister with with Armando, Abraham and Alyssa, Azalea (a male)
17th Esteban & Mateo they’re twin (a male)

I know it a lot of name :sweat_smile::rofl::smiley: but their more but I’m lazy to name them lol

My another story is not yet but it going to be sequel by

Main character

1st Esteban (a male)
2nd Devon (a female)

More characters
1th Mateo (Esteban twin brother a male)
2ndDevin (Devon twin sister a female)
3rd Valentina (a female)
4th Camila (a female)
5th Dulce (a female)
6th Fabian & Francisco they’re twin (a male)
7th Fernando (a male)
8th Vincenzo (a male)

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Law, Emery, Lilith, Eris, Benjamin, Mira, Flynn, Remy, Quinn.

Mine are Elise and Kayla. (btw you had posted this on my birthday lol)

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My MC names are Valkyrie and Enzo from my unpublished story

June And Steve

The MCs from the story I’m publishing in two weeks:

Elisabeth “Ellie” Mebarak
Eduardo Ponce

Not that uncommon, but not that overused, either.