What's your METHOD in writing/coding?

Hiya everyone!
Lately, I’ve been thinking of a story idea. But based from my previous stories I made, I’ll probably never finish it because I get too unmotivated. I thought it was something to do with how I write my Episode stories, since my method takes a REALLLYYYYY long time.

Usually, I do every scene at once. This basically means that I do dialogue, choices, labels, points, etc. all at once, so I thought that may be the reason why I get unmotivated. So that got me curious, how do YOU write your stories?

Do you finish all the dialogue of a certain episode then come back and add all the choices and animations? Or are you like me that does it all at once?

I can’t wait to see your answers! :blob_hearts:


What I do, is I start with my scene with spot directing, and then I start writing the dialouge and since my previewer is on the scene, I add zooms to the scenes, and I also do choices.
At the very end I add animations and then preview it all to see if there’s any mistakes. That’s it.
Also a tip, if you get unmotivated easily, try listening to music or plan your story in a notebook or somewhere when you don’t feel like coding (it’s what I usually do :slight_smile: ) Happy writing!


Thanks for the advice! What you do is somehow similar to what I currently do, which is to do spot directing/character placement, dialogue, animations, choices, and zooms respectively. :slightly_smiling_face:

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heyyy there! I do the spot directing, zooms, choices, labels, dialogue, etc, all at one just like how you do. The only difference is that I add in sounds and music at the end, haha. As for the unmotivated part, I feel you, I released my first story a few days ago and now I’m kind of unmotivated to write the fourth chapter :c

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i do all my coding first, take a break for an hour, a day, idk however long then go back and add in dialogue. not for the entire story, but usually at least a chapter or so

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Yeah, that’s one of my worries too if ever I release my first story!

A reason why I mainly do it all at once is so that I won’t forget what kind of ideas or choices I put in. If I were you, my breaks would definitely be too long for my own good. :joy: