What's Your Opinion? - 1st Report (3/23)

Hi everyone. I wanted to get an idea for future stories what people like, so I created this survey. This survey is anonymous; no personal identifiable information is collected.

It would mean a lot to me if you checked it out. It should only take a few minutes to complete.

I will post the general results/graphs to discuss when there is enough data for the results to be statistically significant. Feel free to share the survey on your social media to help it get more data.

Feel free to discuss additional opinions in the comments regarding quality stories that I may have not covered.

Thank You.

Below is a document containing the results of the survey at 114 responses.


I would actually love to see the results on this, maybe you could post them soon when you’re happy with the amount of submissions you’ve received?

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I can definitely post once I get a good amount of results. Right now, there isn’t enough data to actually draw any kind of conclusion about people like and want to see more of. I would say at least 50 to start seeing a trend. Even more is better since there is a large number of people who play Episode.

Feel free to share the survey. :slightly_smiling_face:


They are doing the gem testing again which is why I added that question.
Because supposedly the gems would benefit the author in a way (and they wouldn’t be able to abuse the gems), I think it could be an okay thing for some stories. The issue is (and there have been talks of this too) that there needs to be more ways to get gems outside of just 1 gem per featured story chapter and buying them. You don’t get enough gems in most of these stories to cover more than maybe 1 gem choice.

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I’m already starting to see some interesting trends, but there are only 30 surveys so I don’t know how representative it really is of the Episode community.

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I found the survey interesting & Really hope you get more replies to your survey. There were a few questions that I wanted to elaborate on, but that’s just me & my OCD personality :joy:

It would be interesting to see what the data shows & I’d assume helpful to both writers & readers!
Good Luck! :+1: & Please Update when you feel you have a good representation!

Thanks! Right now there is around 37 surveys or so submitted. The main issue I’m seeing (outside of small sample size) is that the survey results is suggesting that the vast majority people also write on the app which I doubt is true. This likely comes from the fact that the majority of people on the forum are probably here because they write and like to get the tips from here.

The only way to really fix that would be to share it more on social media. So, it’d be super awesome if some people (or a lot of people) on here could share the link with their followers. I put like a dozen # on my Instagram for it, but since I have a small following it really hasn’t helped get all that many more surveys.

There are currently only 40 responses, mostly from Episode writers. If you are interested in the results of this survey, please share it to help it get more data to better represent the whole communities opinions. :purple_heart:


@Jeremy @Ryan @Trinady Can we have this pinned? This is a great survey! :slight_smile:


There is still extreme sampling bias due to the small sample size and the place where the majority of the surveys are being received from. But, I wanted to go ahead and show this pie chart at its current state since a lot of people have been asking about what is the best chapter length.


This is great! I’ll go ahead and pin it for the next week :slight_smile:


@Purple_Ghost Nice survey!


This is a great survey! It allows people in our community to voice their perspectives on stories.


The survey currently has 88 responses. I will post something for it likely by next weekend. Hopefully it will hit at least 100 responses before then.


Submitted. Great to allow the community to share their opinion. :slight_smile:


Just got done taking the survey. Can’t wait to see the results!

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The survey has reached 100 responses, so I will definitely be organizing the results to post on here Friday or Saturday (EST). I’ll likely just add the results to this thread by editing the post. Feel free to continue sharing the survey.

Side Note: The reason I can’t just post screen shots of what Google gave me is because a lot of the labels are not shown or stuff is cut off, therefore much of it needs to be re-graphed on Excel.


The results for 114 are now up. Click on the Google Doc to view them.


If you haven’t already, check out the survey results.

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