What's your opinion about military stories?


The title says it all ladies and gentleman. Tell ya thoughts in replies.


Honestly, I haven’t read many military stories. I’d be open to trying one though.


Oooohhh. I can help you with that ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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Thanks Ryan!


I’m taking my first story that I ever made, and redoing it to be a more Military like story. The worries I have, is I’ve never made a story so mature? (Like with a msg, like with sensative topics) one of the huge focuses would be PTSD and depression.

I also worry that if I write a military story, I might be promoting voilence.


I agree with some of the posts here. I have not read many military stories. I think I might be interested in reading them on Episode


I don’t like them being a defence spouse and actually dealing with that life and I’ve seen first hand men and woman leaving and coming back not the same person PTSD how families get ruined.
I just hate seeing glamourising of defence as it isn’t that’s my main problem not on episode but tv and movies.


I think it really depends on the content, you know, not everybody who went to military has PTSD.

I’m gonna go really soon, a lot of my family was in the military and it’s not like we’re depressed freaks on mads, it’s not all wars, and I wouldn’t read a story that present it in a bad way, of course there is violent in the military but people shouldn’t go too far.

but if the story is good and worth reading I would definitely read it!


:thinking: Well… I guess it depends really. How it’s portrayed, how respectful the author is to that lifestyle, and what the military is like in their country? There’s so many variables I think. I haven’t really read any here in Episode and the one I did read that mentioned it, I wasn’t too fond of to be honest. It was BAD, just wasn’t my taste. I grew up in a military family and grew up around the military my whole life, I spent a ton of time surrounded by them and on bases and traveling around from base to base so I would have a different view on it than somebody else. I guess it just depends really in the end. Lol


you won’t be promoting Violence. The Armed Forces are a violent thing to join up to in he beginning so having violence in your story won’t be out of place.


Sorry for my lack of words, my story’s military is placed in 1902 in Germany. And it’s more about politics than actual war. I’m also worried that being called a fascist because of having Germany as the country…

By the way don’t get me wrong, I have a huge respect for the military. I wanted to become a soldier myself but I couldn’t even fill the form due to my gender…


If you portray war in an honest light and not glorifying it then you should be fine. I LOVE unique stories about war and especially ones that take place in the past. What is the title of your story?


It’s not released yet, but once it is I’ll inform you. :smile:


Cool, I’d love to read it :blush:


cool do you do it in limelight???


Sorry, already started in Ink. Sadly there isn’t any military clothes on Limelight.


another time:grinning::grinning::grinning:


I have some backgrounds from pamelac.stories that might be helpful to you!


Thanks a lot! It will help me! :blush: