What's your opinion on Episode stories about abuse?


So, there are really a lot of stories on Episode about abuse (sexual, physical, whatever any kind).

They don’t necessary promote it, but they involve around it.
Some of these are actual featured stories that don’t violate content guidelines, but I find it to be pretty disturbing…

It seems like most people think it’s okay, and even though it bothers me I can get over it as long as it’s fictional and doesn’t go too far.

So I wanna hear if anybody else has any opinions about that kind of stories?

(Due to recent events in the community it became kinda a touchy subject to some people)

Share your thoughts, it would mean a lot!


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Once you get older, start experiencing these things, start seeing these situations on a daily basis, you grow the fuck up and start respecting it.

Most people here haven’t got that experience yet or the hindsight to know it. The others that have and choose not to respect it are ignorant and shouldn’t be here. But that’s Episode’s (like, weirdly fetishistic?) fault.


Episode is for people who are 13 and up, like half of the community isn’t even 16.

Don’t talk about bullshit like getting older or whatever, I have definitely been exposed to cases of abuse in my life, and that’s why it bothers me more, most of these people don’t, and it has nothing to do with age either.

Writing about abuse is the complete opposite of respecting it, it’s just creepy and wrong, okay?

That is a really serious subject, people shouldn’t treat it like it’s nothing and make stories about it, it’s not okay!


I’m sorry that you don’t get that age does come into play. The fact is, I’m agreeing with you. Don’t project like I was talking about you.


The first story inwhich I read had an abuse scene was Silent Voice By MissLunaRose & it made me super uncomfortable.

I don’t think I’ve read any sense but I don’t think an abuse scene will stop me from reading (depends though)


I don’t really care because it doesn’t happen always and it make the story more dramatic and I love drama…but that’s what I think🙂


It’s not just scenes, there are bunch of stories that the entire plot is going around abuse.
They’re mostly in Horror/ Thriller genres (I know there are bunch of people who don’t even get into those)

I have read bunch of those, some are actually pretty popular, it can be really disturbing and actually people who have been abused are the ones against it despite what people a lot of time think they would like to write about it because they understand blah blah blah but there are bunch of people in the community who have actually went through those things and they are way more against it.

Would you read an entire story that goes around about abuse and not just one (or a few) scene/s?


Not everything is about drama, the kind of stories that I am talking about have an entire plot based on abuse, and I’m not completely against these stories, if they are good and come in a good taste I’m okay (sorta) with it.
And I definitely appreciate the people’s hard work on these stories I just wont to hear people’s opinions I don’t want you to get the wrong impression.

But that is not a good thing, don’t think real life abuse adds “drama” it’s a serious subject.


Abuse isn’t a shock factor you throw into a story for people who fetishize highly emotional situations because they crave the aftercare effect and it’s not a shortcut for lazy, unskilled writers. It’s a real thing. Abuse literally happens to people every day and deserves to be respected and cared for just like diversity and sexuality should be.

If someone wants to write about it respectively and show it for what it is (which is damaging, awful, and traumatizing) I’m peachy. In fact, I want that, but it has got to be handled correctly.

At the end of the day, if you can’t write a moving character without forcing them into highly traumatizing situations (aka forcing your reader into a position of pitying them/caring for them), you aren’t that great a writer.


Yeah now I understand…I saw a story and I didn’t like it because it was just about abuse. The story is complete (60 chapters) now I don’t remember the name so i don’t know if you saw it but I think you did because it was famous (I think is still famous)


I was going to say the exact same thing I agree with you 100%


Most of the stories on Episode have terrible depictions of domestic violence, simply because they only use it to further their plot. which is completely revolting

I agree, stories that make the abuser somehow a romantic lead or use abuse to “break down” their character so they’re more interesting have no respect for the topic.

But there are some authors who understand how to write about abuse respectfully. The best way to make more people do this is to educate them. And perhaps make it easier to get absolutely terrible stories deleted.


It all really depends on how the author potrays it. If the story shows the situation in a respectable and appropriate manner than I agree it could/should be shown. It is a sensative subject and shouldn’t be taken lightly for sure, and sadly most of the time the subject isn’t done tactfully as most people writing about it haven’t had any experience (or researched it properly).
But if it is done the correct/respectful then I feel like it’s interesting read/insightful.

And I personally won’t read abuse stories that just use it as a plot device, or make it seem “ok”.

(Pretty much all the featured cliche stories nowadays sadly :/)


If abuse is promoted, IT’S NOT OKAY. If it’s not promoted, just shown and spoken up, then it’s alright because the author is not encouareging it.


Huh, now that you mention it I have seen alot of abuse stories in the Thriller Sections.

I’m not sure, if abuse is the focus of the story then no. Just not really my cup of tea, a few scenes would be fine for me though.


@Stella2003 I think you’re talking about Blake


I think stories about abuse (not promoting it just about it) can be very inspiring, even if it is a touchy topic and tbh you can choose whether or not you want to read it, nobody’s forcing you. Anyways that’s just my opinion so I’m gonna leave now, bye


I’m grown up. I’ve been abused. I lived with threats every single day several years. I lived with hands on my throat. I’ve been beaten every single day. I died every day, but God revived me. I still don’t know how I survived. With babies in my stomach I was a boxing bag of some psycho. I struggled to breath.

Don’t tell me I don’t know what abuse is.

When I see a story is about abuse, I don’t read it. Simple. I can’t mentally handle those scenes.

I don’t mind if anyone writes about it, I just skip those stories. I need positive thoughts and positive stories to live in peace. :heart:


I’m so sorry that’s horrible! I have been through some physical abuse and I have traumas and scars that will stay for life, trust me I can definitely get how that can be hard to deal with people not respecting it and making that kind of stories.

Some people just don’t get it and never will. (Trust me, I don’t talk about what I have been through, at least not in details because it is simply too hard for me to even think about it, but I definitely understand!)

I still can’t touch anyone even a hand shake gives me a panic attack it just makes me so angry to see people treat that subject so disrespectfully, I just asked for people’s opinions, because I wanted to know if there are any other people who also feel like it.