- What's your opinions on r4r? 🤔 -

What do you guys think about r4r? :thinking::thinking:

In my opinion it’s a win win, You could get reads, And also discover some stories, So yeah, If you agree with me, Then Eyyyyy :fist_bump: :00fidget: If you don’t, The that’s ey too since it’s just my opinion, But yeah, Share your thoughts


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I was gonna comment how I did r4rs in the past, but looking back, it’s not a genuine way to get readers I suppose, but then I saw your emoji gif and I- WHAT?? How did you do that?

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Yeah it’s not a genuine way to get readers. But I think if you’re doing it to just proofread it’s a good idea.

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Lmao :joy: it’s in the custom emojis :laughing::laughing:

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I like them, basically because I can get opinions on my story from my r4r partner. Is it a good way to get lots of reads? No. But I find it enjoyable :woman_shrugging:t4:

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In the beginning I use to do them all the time. But after a while I figured out how time consuming they are and some people don’t actually read your story which is irritating.
I will say if you are a new writer then you should definitely do them.

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I think most authors start out doing r4rs and honestly, I never gained anything good out if it. You’ll run into a lot of scam authors who will say “I read your story it was good I like doing the MC!” after actually reading their story and giving them genuine feedback, and it can be frustrating and you don’t gain readers. I wouldn’t suggest them, and I definitely suggest staying away from rfrs for contest entries because those will kill your reading engagement since most people only read the first chapter.

Similar to whats been said above, I don’t do read for reads since its heavily dependent on the other party following through with the agreement. Then, if they do follow through they might give weak feedback. Doing too much read for reads will hurt your reader retention as a huge amount will stop at Episode 3 (or Episode 1 depending on agreement between the parties)

I do think that its a great way to make friends though. I wish I did more read for reads just to make connections with other authors at a similar “stage” of writing.

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