What's your preferred chapter lengh?

Hi evereyone!
I wondered what your favourite chapter lengh and the amounts of chapters per story is.
Do you have a minimum/maximum in amount of chapters or minutes it takes to read one chapter?
And would you rather read a story with short chapters but many in total or a story with longer but less chapters?

Let me know your thoughts!

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

edit: Wow, thanks for all the answers! I’m genuinely surprised, though. I’ve only heard about readers asking to have longer episodes and I personally prefer longer episodes as well (the longer the merrier :joy:). So, aren’t there other people who prefer actually long chapters are are you just too shy to speak up since everyone replying so far seems to prefer a medium chapter lengh?
Nevertheless I wanted to thank you all for replying, this is so interesting to me!


If a story is less then 2 minutes long, then it doesn’t hold my attention, but anything over 20 minutes bores me. Maybe try 7-15 minute long chapters

10-15 minutes with 30+ episodes it’s fine.
20+ minutes with 30+ episodes it’s a no. i think most people nowadays have a short attention span and that includes me

I like stories with longer chapters and less chapters. If it has like 50+ chapters unless I truly love it, I won’t read that much. I think 10-15min is a good time, but it has to be filled with actual plot development because for me a chapter only feels too long if half of it is just pointless stuff like the MC going to school or going out without it actually furthering the plot.

i like stories with around 20-30 chapters
reading time around 10-15 minutes :fairy:
i usually won’t click on stories with 35-40 chapters

Around 15-20 minutes, with 15-50 chapters. :blush:

I realy like the 7-10 minute chapters.

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