What's your ultimate love interest?


As an avid reader of Episode, romance is something you come across quite often. Even more than often. It could vary from LGBT, straight, passionate, mild, tragic, heartwarming and those are just a fraction of all the different shapes and definations you could come across. As a trying-to-be-writer as well as a sucker for romance, I thought it would be fun to hear what everyone else regards as a desirable love interest. Bad […], good […], mysterious, mischievous, funny, cute, adorkable, nice, caring, tall, short --> it’s your preferences that’s at focus here!

So let’s start! I guess I’m just a sucker for the good guys. You know the ones that tries so hard to keep everyone smiling, giving it their all for their beloved to be happy. The ones that do not need to be abrasive and cold at all times. I’m for example more drawn to someone that is funny - a goofball practically. And if you combine that with caring and adorkable we have a winner folks! They bring out a smile on my face. Somehow they feel more real I guess. If they are witten right of course. Not everyone can be a goofball every breathing moment of their time, they should have more depth than that.

Well that’s me, how about you guys? What’s your ultimate love interest in Episode? And remember, everyone’s opinion matters even if you don’t agree to their reasoning. Now go wild :grinning:


I am a sucker for good guys as well. lol I like people who actually raise you up and encourage you to be the best you can be and support you. My ideal love interest… well…

I think he’s funny and adventurous, always looking to the road and the next adventure. He’s also kind and patient and loyal. Not always trying to get into your pants and rushing you into something you’re not ready for. Adorkable is a great adjective! And definitely seems my type. I’m a nerd myself so I love seeing dorky nerds on Episode that I can understand their references and grin and get excited over. He should always have flaws; whether he’s never serious at the right moments, can never actually say the right thing, or struggles with self esteem and self love. Maybe he struggles with anxiety and depression? I don’t like the perfect lovers. I like real people and it’s often the flawed men that I fall for in stories.


First of all, if I’m given the choice it will always be a girl.

I like people who aren’t straight forward, but I also don’t wait years upon years to give a clear sign that they like me. For example. I don’t want someone to walk up to my character and be like “lol you’re cute. wanna kiss?” ya feel? But some authors make the love interest not even make a move for like 20 episodes and it’s tiring. But personality wise, mischievous and mysterious but also nice. I mean it is an Episode character so this isn’t as big of a deal since it’s not /real/ but in a real situation, if someone is mean to me (even in a love-hate type way) after like a week of hanging out with them….sayonara. Classic stories like Tangled Love I love but they’re so annoying because the main love interest is…well, annoying.


Totally agree. You said so many things that I came to realise I desired as well. To have struggles and not be “perfect” at all times is something that’s true to life. We all have or flaws but that’s what make us real. And I couldn’t agree with you more on the references part as I’m a bit of a nerd too. :grin::wink:


I agree I hated Brandon in Tangled Love so much! He would kiss Mc without her permission and the next second he would abuse her with words and be mean to her, It was just so unbearable.


I like a guy that’s friendly, charismatic, and that will listen to his girl and surprise her with things she likes, such as taking her out to a restaurant, bringing her food that she likes, and showing interest in what she’s saying. I also like a guy that’s intelligent and doesn’t feel either superior to others or inferior in the sense that he takes everything personal, you know? This really irritates me about people in general, when they’re in victim mode 24/7 and feel that the whole world is against them and that they can do no wrong.


Nick from adrenaline is my ultimate favorite love interest ever on the app.


The thing that I like about him as the love interest is that he’s not forced to be the main love interest that the mc is destined to be with since day 1. The “main” love interest is andre and in my opinon andre is cliched and forced whereas nick isn’t. Nothing ever feels forced with nick and he’s really sweet yet charming and his emotions feel real. And he really loves the mc and is protective over her and it’s so cute. And he’s just an unique character in general.


They’re so rare that at this point my ideal love interest is any love interest that’s a girl :joy:


Okay, so I usually do the second love interest because screw the first. lmao

BUT if I have the choice, I am going alone.

  1. Billy from Jane by Design
  2. Jim from The Office

Pretty much best friends falling in love. My boyfriend is my best friend and that’s how I like my romances


Someone emotionally supportive, with no weird abusive red flags?
I don’t mind if they’re sarcastic and gruff or whatever, as long as you can see they’d never put you down or manipulate you or screw you around.


I totally agree with @RudeInception. I usually have a hard time to find a story I can relate with, because I don’t believe in love at first sight, not to mention the stories like:

“Hey, you are hot.”
“Kiss him.”
“Take it to bed.”

Maybe I’m a bit old fashioned, but I like to get to know the characters and see how their relationship develop during the chapters.
I don’t have a problem with the so-called “bad boys” until they don’t treat people like trash, but they are funny, intelligent and charismatic.
On the contrary I have a thing for typical weird nerds. I like how enthusiastically they speak about science and computer stuff, but have no idea what to say in a normal, everyday conversation :smiley:


Someone who likes art. I’ve never seen a love interest like that! (Besides the guy from Touch of Betrayal <3)
Also, I love black hair.


When the love interest is actually looking for revenge/ justice and stuff like that and have bad intentions but pretends to fall in love and you don’t know it until the middle of the story and it’s surprising af don’t judge me, that would be horrible in real life but I like that excitement in a story.


Id like to see a guy thats loving, caring and romantic from day 1. Majority of the so called love interests in these stories are emotionally abusive bad boys. Its annoying cause the authors always write MC as this girl thats a doormat and takes all his shit. Then on some random day he decides to better and they live happily ever after. Its tacky af and i just click off the story and never finish reading it. :joy: For once i wish someone would create a nice male love interest that deserves the love of the MC and doesnt manipulate her till the final episode.


Ideal is sweet and funny, maybe even dorky. Think love interests in Back & Forth and Maid for You.

That said, I do enjoy an intense, troubled character who is bad to everyone else but adores the MC…think A Loveless Marriage.


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