What's your weird phobia?



I’m kind of scared of birds, i hate buttons and very crowded places because they make me nervous.


Oh my goodness same after last year I’m terrified of birds. Also elevators,clowns,uncertainty (Ik it’s weird but not knowing what I want in my future makes me super anxious and scared.)


I’m scared of people


Same here! i get so nervous just by thinking what the future might bring for me or that i find myself in a place i don’t want to be in


I have tryphophobia.


Getting older
Driving on my own


I have coulrophobia.


i have no clue what is that?


The fear of clowns.



Some clowns are pretty scary. But others look cute lol


Not my phobia but my friend is scared of mascots :joy::joy::joy::joy:

One day this mascot was at uni and came up to my friend. She jumped so high :joy::laughing::laughing:

My phobia that is a bit weird is dead animals. Sure, they are dead but it is just so strange to see them so lifeless. Also, death used to freak me out. Like my chest would get tight and I found it hard to breathe just thinking about it - sometimes I get bouts of dread. Like my stomach plummets and my head pulsates when I think about it.

Also, less of a phobia but something that creeped me out. A few years ago, I shadowed a lot of surgeries and there was one gross surgery. This patient had hypothermia and a dislocated elbow joint which had to be replaced. So what did the surgeon do, he freaking cracked the elbow bone (the sound still cringes me out) and a bit of the bone went flying (hit my Scrubs shirt :joy::joy::joy::joy:) then there was no bone in the arm. The arm was floppy - just a mass of skin, ew - that was trippy and I suppose bone cracking is one thing that creeps me out majorly.


I have a phobia of frogs. I don’t even know why. I also have emetophobia, tryphophobia, a fear of public bathrooms and some public places and severe social anxiety (if the last one counts.)
But the weirdest is probably the frog one.


Dw my dad thought bringing a frog home was a clever idea and I just screamed at the frog and my dad so I am with you there.


I don’t think having a phobia of dead animals is bad tbh, and i hate surgeries! the way you described the situation about the surgery made me shiver oof i can just picture everything


heights and the dark. im trying to get over my fear of the dark but i cannot for the life of me sleep w my door closed it has to be slightly opened :joy:


Ah it was shiver worthy for sure - I am shuddering at the thought of it now :scream:


You’re not afraid of the dark, you’re afraid what’s in it. Hehe


I am claustrophobic
(fear of tight closed spaces)
so im scared of elevator, locking doors, airplanes and bus bathrooms


My friend (same one scared of mascots) is claustrophobic too - she gets panic attacks in lifts.


Elevators are pretty creepy ngl