What's your weird phobia?





I totally get the frog one, they freak the crap out of me too.

Also, I kinda have this phobia of knives. Not like dumb, not sharp knives that you eat with but knives to slice meat, vegetables etc. just freak me out and I am extremely careful around them.


Well, i’ve watched American Psycho film but i’ll check the book out.

The Virgin Suicides sounds interesting. I’ll check it out :3

Thank you for the suggestions, i appreciate it!


No problem!


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I have autophobia

The fear of abandonment.

Like if i go into the store and my friends are in the car i think they will leave me there. Or if I’m at a restaurant and i can’t find the table where all my friends were at i feel like they left me and go into a panic :woman_shrugging:t2:


blood, since my dad is a doctor he says its weird like i get all dizzy and stuff when i see it on tv or irl