What's your writing style?

So, How would you describe your personal writing style?

Mine is:

A train wreck of fantasy, science fiction, romance, and drama, with a dash of comedy, and little smidge of mystery; all this with a classic fairytale undertone.

And yet somehow, I manage to pull all that into one cohesive story?! LOL

Stay Blessed Y’all! -SP


I usually like to write around natural elements such as rain, and describe and show it in as much detail as I possibly can with a bit of poetry. When I write, I usually focus on trying to show the reader another point of view of something they perhaps see everyday. To get the reader to think. I too also write with a bit of comedy and I am a big fan of mysteries! :see_no_evil:


Mine is Fantasy because I feel it gives more creative frredom, more adventure and mystery than romantic, though there romance it’s not focused on the romance. And then we have a little comedy sometimes. No Drama really, just don’t like it. And no overly cliche because I wanna be different. Also some real world ness, I like cross worlds because it’s interesting.

  • Hope your having a good day :blush:

This is everything! Bless you. -SP


My preferred style is a mix of romance, mystery and fantasy. Romance because I love reading those types of stories and I enjoy showing the connection between two characters. Mystery because I just gravitate towards that subject. I love adding plot twists to things like crime dramas etc… & fantasy because there’s literally full freedom to write whatever I feel like. I love the idea of having no limits with how to write MY story (:


I can go one of two ways:

  1. Sarcastic, dry-humoured comedy with goofy jokes.
  2. Mysterious and creepy thriller with poetic narration.

Writing them at the same time is weird lol


Thank you :pleading_face: You too!


Yeah that’s the same reason I love fantsy, it make you feel so free, like anything is possible. For me personally fantasy is a bit motivating.


I write light hearted comedies with a hint of drama and jokes to test your dirty mind I grew up with shows like two and a half men and big bang theory so I write with satire and dark humor too but I can’t write ANYTHING too romantic because I think it’s cringe no hate if you like it though!


Witty is one of them. I like to include puns, even on attempts to write gory stories lol :smiley: most of the times it’s entirely unintentional, so random whatever comes to mind spontaneous thoughts. Even though I don’t write in the genre comedy I get told by people my dialogue makes them laugh which is a good thing :nerd_face: :lol: I think :joy:


For me it was That 70’s Show… LOL . Red (the grouchy smart-butt )was my favorite character too!


Hmmm. Real-life social drama, with a side dish of romance.


Omg! My fave from big bang was always Amy she was smarter than what people thought otherwise I loved Raj and Two and a half men I loved Chelsea, Herb and Gretchen! And Ashton Kutcher was in seasons 8-12 of two and a half men!


Well I don’t think I’ve got an actual writing style. I write what ever my weird, warped and fragmented :rofl::joy::rofl: imagination is daydreaming about. Seriously though the way I write is how I’m doing mentally so that a dictates the way I write


My directing style is superfast zooms and fast paced story, flowing smoothly. I love drama and am an expert in stirring up drama (in my upcoming story)!!
I direct in this way because I love reading stories which are directed smoothly and are fast paced (sorry I don’t wanna see a character walking for five seconds)
:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I am sad endings writer :))

Mine 🙈

My writing style is more realistic(?) and raw I suppose, in that I cannot write hugely poetic lines/purple prose mostly because I don’t believe anyone thinks or says things that way.

“The blue of her eyes was as deep, dangerous and strong as the ocean – I used every ounce of my sanity in an attempt to stay afloat, because I knew otherwise that I would’ve sunk and drown in both temptation and submission.
That was the most difficult battle of all, fighting the part of me that longed to sink to the deepest depths of her reach, the part that wished to embark on a journey for which my heart would have no return.”

Sort of stuff like that is a big no for me. I don’t have my heart in it most of the time and my mind constantly says “What a load of BS.” Whenever I try to write stuff like that or read it. Although I do admire writers who can do it really well, but it’s just not really my thing even though sometimes I try my hand at it.

I also like to have all of my full stops or commas at the end of dialogue bubbles to be standard with no text effect regardless if the last word has a text effect.

I write various genres (dramedy, horror, sci-fi, historical romance, thriller, fantasy etc.) and each story of mine has different personalities, different slang, quirks, moods, tones, atmospheres etc but I do love to incorporate into every one of my stories: sarcasm, slow burn romance and a female lead/or supporting lead who doesn’t fawn over her LI within the first meeting.

I’m the type of writer that likes to write various endings for different stories, sad endings, wtf endings, happy endings, bittersweet endings and open endings.

Directing-wise, I have to incorporate every “basic” that I know of: filters, bubble placements, zooms, spot directing, overlays, animated overlays, smooth transitions, volume adjustments etc. Only for some stories will I consider complex branches, mattering choices and point systems which to me is the more advanced stuff. :joy:

Another one of my habits when writing is when I have various characters in a scene, I’ll have the zoom do a close-up of a character speaking anywhere between 0.2-0.4 seconds, but only for the first time that character speaks which allows the readers to get more of an idea of the setting and where they’re standing in that scene. After that character has already spoken, for any further dialogues or thoughts after that, their zoom is 0 seconds.

My biggest thing though is probably that I love to have long openings and endings for seasons beginnings and ends like movies/series’ do and I’ll always use overlays for those because of the aesthetic.


It sounds like you have a good understanding of what your writing style is, which many would think: " well… duh, of course I do! I wrote the stuff myself, genius!"LOL However, as I’m sure you can imagine, this is a difficult question for most writers/storytellers to answer. On top of this, you seem steadfast and confident in your answers as well. It brings me so much joy to see folks express such confidence! Also, you write superbly based on the snippet you whipped up for us!

LOL, and I totally get it… I think the poetic “sappy” material is one of those things you either love, hate. or tolerate. As for me, I’m a total sucker for it! ha! Not-to-mention those classic fairytale vibes, which actually incorporate lots of clichés (which is not very popular among others) I just absolutely can’t help but adore them.

Stay Blessed & Keep Writing -SP


Thanks! I do feel pretty confident in what my writing style is and I guess that could be attributed to the years I’ve had to develop it. The snippet makes me cringe though, but I’m glad you like it. :joy:

And yeah, I get it, I actually enjoy such narrations when they’re written well and fit the story like a glove, but outside of that is a bit unbelievable and sometimes laughable for me.


Mine is full of mystery, spicy romance and a lot of ideas for some sarcasm!!