What's your zodiac sign?



In more detail

Sun: Capricorn :capricorn:
Moon: aquaris :aquarius:
Ascendant : Taurus :taurus:

:3 I’m soooooo Happy !
And oh wow -_- the iPhone 5s has the new zodiac emoji : :ophiuchus:

BRUH : /


And i like to make people laugh with my over exaggerating COMMENTS !!! :joy:

So thankyou!!!


You can be whoever you want to be! Your zodiac sign doesn’t matter


True, half of the things about my zodiac doesn’t fit me at all


Yeah and what @JemU776 posted it’s true you don’t have to go by the consolations lol so just be whatever sign u want to be




Capricorn. They’re apparently really chill and sometimes emotional but usually logical and sometimes aloof seeming. Been a while since I looked at any of the stuff because I don’t pay much attention to it but they always seem to be too vague of descriptions. Like sometimes they’re right, but the things I find about Capricorn is applicable to a lot of people that aren’t even Capricorn. Lol


Yay me tooo


Im a Tauruas what does acedant maen




Ahh, same! :virgo:


Gemini, I always get written off as a two-faced liar ;-; like, sorry??? I was born at the end of may??? lol


dang girl I’m gemini, we’re the best


eugh god I hate it when people think the twins mean two faced. It means we have so much personalities, and we choose which personality people see.


Sagittarius :sagittarius:


:virgo:NE :virgo:F US :virgo:NE :virgo:F US


I’m a Gemini too :blush::blush:


Saggitarius here!!