What's your zodiac sign?



The only Cap


Taurus the bull yeah.


I’m a cancer…


”Cancers are emotional! Cancers are soft! Cancers are dependent! Cancers are blah blah.”

I don’t relate to my sign at all.
It’s the most misunderstood and negativity light sign out there I feel.
I would be anything but a cancer.


EXACTLYYY. My family always finds those gemini jokes and teases me all the time and I’m like okay this sh*t’s gotten too old to be funny anymore


I actually like cancers. You guys have pure soft hearts and kind. You guys are like crabs, hard from the outside but soft in the inside


Oof i can relate. But us geminis are cool, who cares about what anyone says lol


See. That’s the stereotype I hate.

People think I’m soft and think they can walk all over me.

I’m nothing like a cancer




Well… what i meant was not ALL cancers are soft. But i get what you mean, stereotypes do suck. Sorry if i offended you in anyway. But i do think cancers are one of the best signs


I read somewhere that we don’t have just one sign. We have more than one, and some of us are more influenced by the other sign than our main one. If that makes sense.


I’m a taurus :slight_smile:


I love seeing everyone’s signs. It’s interesting




Am I the only Leo?


Pisces. :pisces:




I’m a cancer and I don’t believe in it but I’ve read it and it’s freaky true with some things.


I’m a Virgo-Libra Cusp


LEO GANG!!! :v:t5: :lion: