What's your zodiac sign?



Scorpio gang​:drooling_face::scorpius:


Yeah, these signs that we’re all saying are our sun signs. We also have a moon sign, rising sign, and I believe there’s more.


I’m a taurus.


@FinnTheGhost has links to find the Venus sign, he knows all about that stuff, @FinnTheGhost yo dude


I used to have this app that I entered some of my info and it told me all my signs and what they meant.


HELL Yeah one sec


I’m an Aries.


Moon sign calculator
Rising sign calculator
Venus sign calculator
Venus sign tables, a little more work but I reccomend this one


For me personally my signs are:

Rising: Capricorn
Sun: Virgo
Moon: Aquarius
Venus: Leo

Do you guys know what your moon, rising, and Venus signs dictate??


Here are mine:

Moon: Cancer
Sun: Scorpio
Rising: Virgo
Venus: Capricorn



Yeah, I’m pretty sure I know what they dictate.

Sun: Taurus
Moon: Aries
Rising: Pisces
Venus: Aries


I can’t find my other signs, astrology websites always ask what time I was born and I can’t remember lol


Mine is Taurus


oof so I found out the exact time I was born this morning so more detailed horoscopes yay.

Sun: Taurus
Rising: Leo
Moon: Libra
Venus: Gemini


I’m a gemini and I heard they’re supposed to be the life of the party and social, but I prefer being alone and spending time by myself, deep in my thoughts rather than around people :sweat_smile:
Plus, I hate parties lol


I thought I was the only one…Lol :smile:


I’m a pisces and sometimes, I definitely agree with what they say about us.


I’m a Cancer :slightly_smiling_face:


No one is a leo?


I’m not a leo, but I wanna find another Capricorn