When adults are stuck in a child like state of mind?

Is there a “disorder” that leaves ppl in a child like state of mind?

I mean like in such a way that a tramtic experience has happened while they were little and has locked that person mentally in the age before the event happened.

Sorry if that sounds werid/vague.

I’ve only ever heard of developmental disorders that keep people from maturing emotionally :thinking: Also people who have been in comas for so long, when they wake up, they still have a mentality of a child. Hope this helps? Lol.


There’s dissociative identity disorder (DID)

It isn’t really someone stuck in a child like state of mind but there are cases of people having alters that are a child. Researching it is pretty interesting and has a lot of depth into it


Yes, like have you seen the movie “Split” its about a guy with that disorder and he has so many personalites like ones 13 and one of them which why they made it into a movie, is like a killer. So… I never watched I really do but idk

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Yes I have seen Split, it’s a favourite of mine. But I wouldn’t really associate with DID in real life


Yeah, but like you know you kind of get the idea of what it is

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It’s called bring emotionally stunted but beyond that there is no real medical term for it that I know of


Thank you all for your help!:heart:

Regression is only thing i can think of. Which is like the mind getting trapped in tht time period in this case a childlike mindset caused by trauma or stress


There is a term called Peter Pan Syndrome for adults who refuse to mature, if that helps. :wink:


Following on from those who discussed DID that may mean some sufferers have alters that can be children, here’s a link to a documentary of a lady who has DID and has an alter which is a three year old. In the video you can see both alters and she describes what it is like to live with DID. :wink:





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