When an author updates their story do you like replaying the chapter or would you rather skip it?


As a reader, I know i get soo furious when a chapter has been updated and i have to replay the entire episode again (and most of the time its a typo that they correct, nothing too major) Anyways, I’ve officially became an author & I wanted to know, would you like it if authors implied, skipping labels? (Where you’re able to replay it if you choose or skip to the next chapter.)


Personally, I’d rather know what they changed before skipping. If they fixed a typo, I’d like to skip. But if the added another scene or added in a gain, I’d replay it


If the changes are minimal, I’d prefer to skip it.
The problem with allowing a reader to skip an episode is that if there are any important choices in that episode (with gains or points), they’ll also skip the opportunity to collect those gains/points.


It really depends. If I haven’t read the story in a while of course I am going to get a replay glimpse of the chapter. If I am JUST getting on the next episode AFTER the last one I read, of course I wouldn’t need a replay, I remember!!


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