When did you begin to play Episode? How come?

Me about almost 2 years ago :thinking:. I knew Episode through advertisements on other apps and immediately get interested :sweat_smile:.


I thank a friend of mine.
At first I didn’t even want to download it, but now I spend half a day on episode😍

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It’s very addictive isn’t it :laughing:?

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I started playing when classic was a thing. I think (2015)
I played this game called “Surviving high school” but eventually they discontinued it and then I started playing choices then I got an ad for episode.


Yes,I love Episode :heart_eyes:

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Januaryish last year, was having a bit of a rough time, the app was suggested when I downloaded something else and so I gave it a go :woman_shrugging:

Like early 2014, I can’t remember how, I think I just downloaded it cause I wanted to play a simulation game similar to Surviving High School.

I think since uhhhh… 2014-2013 or when episode decided to partner up with Demi Lovato, I was a fan of her back then. And then an ad of Demi L popped up and I downloaded it.

And yes, I loved classic so much I finished Party Girls, Ember Effect, The unexpected roommate (don’t judge) Campus Crush etc. then Ink came, it took time to adapt to a certain artstyle (even tho I started playing in ink) but later on I started to read more ink stories and so on. Maybe LL will be like that as well :woman_shrugging:

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I started in 2014 and am absolutely addicted

I played episode because a friend told me I play now episode since 2016!!!:hugs::hugs:

2014 or 2015 I played when there was only CLASSIC. I don’t remember when I first saw it though I think I saw it on a social media site called momio I’m not sure


I think I saw episode through an ad around 2016 ish and the first story I read was mean girls :joy: I actually was on and off with the app cause I got annoyed with how you had to use gems so I would delete it but then downloaded it again the next year. Eventually around 2017 I discovered other people’s stories and that you were able to create your own! However, I didn’t really get into actually learning to code till later in 2018 when I saw the forums and noticed episode had such a huge community :innocent:

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My first story was also mean girls!:joy::joy:

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I’ve been reading for about three years if not a little more. I found episode through ads and thought it would be fun since I liked simulation games.

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I started playing Episode in December 2015, back when almost all of the stories were in Classic. I found Episode through its advertisements. :smiley:

I think it was like 2 years ago when limelight became a thing.

When Mean Girls 1 was still relatively new. Idk how long ago that was, but it was a few years ago, before I stopped for a couple years and then coming back again.

I started to play episode around 3 years ago && I started writing stories that time too on the Episode platform. I discovered Episode through advertisements if I’m not mistaken.

right after it got released, i think. i just saw some ads and thought oh cool lol