When do we get updates?


soo I’m quite new to writing and I’m super confused when what kind of updates are released.

Like I read something about thursdays or something but i just wanted to ask if there’s some kind of norm when episode updates and what kind of updates like clothes, character features and stuff.

I kind of figured that there’s this thread where we can request clothes from featured stories that aren’t gem choice and that episode often releases those but I’d really appreciate someone clearing things up for me! <33

Every Thursday they release new stuff, that can be clothes, animations, backgrounds… For example the last Thursday they released horses!

Other kinds of updates aren’t scheduled

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Thank you! I thought something like this but since i live in germany the releases aren’t on thursday for me most of the time so i was slightly confused

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I live in Italy and it’s the same time zone, so I can tell you that they are on Thursday evening, usually around 19:30/20:00

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Thank you so much!

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