When do you revise for IMPORTANT tests?

When do you start revising for important exams/tests? My really important exams are in 3 years, and I want to the best I can be. I’m already revising in science and Mathis, as that is more remembering and statistics, whereas English, history and geography is opinion based. Then I have law… lord kill me now.


You’d want to study gradually over the years. Don’t study every single day for like…5 hours. Study every few days for a few hours. It will help to stop stress, and it’s been proven that studying for something over time and spaced out is better than cramming. I learned that the hard way…

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Omg, I spent the whole day studying because I slacked off a little for my class lol but after seeing my mark on the exam, my eyes lit up in so much happiness because it was worth it :heart_eyes:

I didn’t cram though, just spent weeks on it :thinking:

However, even I don’t encourage this, it was just to make up for my laziness lol

To the user of this post, I would recommend getting an planner and writing out the times you’re going to be studying so you stay on top of everything ^^

P.S Taking breaks is very important and good for your mind :palm_tree: