When do you think you have wrote enough?

So when writing your episode. When do you get to know if you should end your episode or your episode is long enough? Because previously when I used to write people would comment on making my episodes longer and I am trying to do so now in my first LL story but I don’t want it to be extra long and boring and I don’t want it to be super short.

What is your opinion long episode or short ones? And how do you decide whether your episode is long enough?


Well, I’ve had that problem and this will sound absolutely stupid and a waist of time but I watched/read one of the feautured episodes and timed it (taking 5 seconds on each spreech bubble).

Then I timed mine.

Obviously, I didn’t make it the axact time, but it gave me an idea where my time limit should be at.

Hope this is helpful…



You kind of just get a feel for it, I guess.

Like when you read through the episode, do you feel like it’s too full, too short, or just right?

Have you answered any questions that you wanted to answer in that chapter? Have you made the readers think about something? Did you cover the main point?


I do feel it has gone through many scenes and changing events and I know how to end it but when I saw it was only 500 lines I started to doubt myself and started thinking of making it longer cuz the numbers tell me it is short… you get me?


Yeah, I mean, is your story very directing heavy? Or is it more dialogue based?

Because if it’s mostly dialogue, then 500 lines is the recommended amount for stories :smile:


it is a mix of both… but that’s a great Idea to look on I never thought about whether my script is more dialog or directing will use that on my stories. thank you so much!

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No worries! If you’re happy with the length and it fits the story, then be confident with yourself :heart: As long as you’re happy with it.


I agree, answering these questions might help a lot when you are unsure where to finish an episode.

I usually have an idea what I would like to put in a certain chapter and if I feel that I covered everything and the ending is not awkward but leaves some questions open, I know I’m done. As a reader, I personally don’t mind short episodes as long as there’s enough content in it that makes me want to continue. But at the same time, I wouldn’t suggest to put too much action in the same episode, because that might be hard to follow for the reader. Finding the right balance between these two is not easy at the beginning, but after a while you won’t even think about it, you’ll just feel that an episode is done without timing it or without checking how many lines it has.


Usually for a short story I recommend about 2000-5000 words if it is a novel you are writing then 5-10 pages a chapter, 40-50 chapters a novel

If it’s episode then 2000 lines is my max but a lot of authors who use choices will make episodes longer than that

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Ending at 3000+ lines and having a good cliffhanger! :smiling_imp:

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I did that in my second episode it took about 4000 lines because of two totally different choices that lead to 2 totally different results but the ending is the same.

I find that 2000 lines are usually my max because I cannot do choices very well (as much as I want to) so I just don’t add them I add in more dialogue and narrative

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