When do you want me to credit you?


@Mystery.Author @Chloe5 @Jayla12 @Wintermoon05 @Sophbee @BlueMoonWolf When would you like me to credit you for being in my story/ doing something for my story? In the last episode, where I will credit everyone to do with the story, or all of the episodes at the end?

Good day xox


If I don’t get any replies in 5 minutes, I’ll just credit you at the end of the story :slight_smile:


It is common to credit or at the moment when you use it or at the end of the chapter you use it in! Not at the last episode, that is kind of unrespectful, since some people might not read the whole story but the will still need to see the credit!


Ohhh, okay!
I’m just gonna credit at the end of the story though :slight_smile:


Read the change in my message!


You can credit me at the end each episode. :slight_smile:




Yes that’s a good solution! For example, I always credit the girl who made my intro background at the beginning of each chapter


I credit at the end of each chapter :grin:


I’ll do that with everyone then :smiley:


That will do :two_hearts:


Let me know when your story is published and I’ll give it a read :grin:


thank you! :slight_smile:


I prefer the end. :grin: