When do you want me to credit you?

@Mystery.Author @Chloe5 @Jayla12 @Wintermoon05 @Sophbee @BlueMoonWolf When would you like me to credit you for being in my story/ doing something for my story? In the last episode, where I will credit everyone to do with the story, or all of the episodes at the end?

Good day xox

If I don’t get any replies in 5 minutes, I’ll just credit you at the end of the story :slight_smile:

Ohhh, okay!
I’m just gonna credit at the end of the story though :slight_smile:

You can credit me at the end each episode. :slight_smile:



Yes that’s a good solution! For example, I always credit the girl who made my intro background at the beginning of each chapter

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I credit at the end of each chapter :grin:

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I’ll do that with everyone then :smiley:


That will do :two_hearts:

Let me know when your story is published and I’ll give it a read :grin:

thank you! :slight_smile:

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I prefer the end. :grin: