When do you write?


Hi there, fellow episodians!
(Did I say that right? :sweat_smile:)

Nothing beats waking up early in the morning to write with a nice, steamy cup of peppermint tea in hand. :relieved:
Sweet pleasant silence and serenity in the air…

To my dismay, today I woke up with another blasting headache. :exploding_head:
On a day like this, I’ll either power through and write anyway.
Or, slack off and save my creative thoughts for another day.

I’ve decided to slack off just for today… :shushing_face:

It got me thinking…
What time do my fellow authors find the most comfortable to write?

Early Morning :sun_with_face:



Night Owl Mode :first_quarter_moon_with_face:

And what are your favorite brain foods that keep you going? :strawberry:


I write mostly evening, night time because I have a toddler so it’s easier to do it when he’s asleep.
But he goes to nursery 3 times a week for a few hours so I do it then too (Like right now). :relaxed:

I don’t eat whilst I write… I get too distracted by food! But to be fair, I get distracted pretty easily.

Have you tried a hot/cold compress on your neck? It helps ease headaches.
Thought it might be a nice little suggestion


I love to write whenever I have time. Whether it be another theory, fanfiction, crazy fantasies, I can’t stop after I’ve started. =)

Mangoes, Izzies, etc. etc.


Aweee, I babysit so, I know how that is. :grin:
I hope ryan doesn’t get me for being off topic… :rofl:
I actually bought a compress from Walmart and it helps a bit. They’re so intense though, advil doesn’t work. So, I have a stronger medication from my doctor.

My peppermint tea helps soothe my headaches, it also keeps me alert and energized while writing. :relaxed:


I just use my partners sound cancelling headphones with a pair of sunglasses when I have migraines :joy:

Which is also another reason I usually write late at night because it doesn’t affect me as badly as it does during the day staring at my screen. Plus all the idea’s I come across during the day I write down so my mind is full of ideas. (Trying to steer it back into the topic so we don’t get into trouble :smirk: )


Night (8:00pm-1:00am) and sometimes in the morning (6:00am-11:00 am)


Afternoon or Evening. My mind does not work in the mornings :joy::joy::joy:.


@LaurieKrisette Lol, nice question! :joy: I tend to write whenever I can because I’M ALWAYS BUSY! I feel the most comfortable writing early morning…or is it just me? I just feel more comfortable during that time, and my favorite brain foods tend to be apples, strawberries, and spinach…(don’t ask). Anyways, those are my comforts for when I write Episode!


@Rune.episode, So, maybe that’s why I can’t accomplish too much writing in a day… :thinking:
I’m always snacking on something. :joy:


Night Owl Mode and if anything popcorn.


Lol :joy:


That sounds really good. Strawberries are my absolute Favorite. :yum:
Spinach? In the Morning or evening?
I heard Spinach was a really good super food…
Does it affect your writing anyway?
Give your brain momentary super powers? :muscle: :joy:Or it’s just something you enjoy eating?


PRAISE THE NIGHT OWLS! Because I can’t stay up that late. My eyes are super sensitive. Staying in front the computer light all night is hard for me. (I’ve done it before :scream:)
Do you just like to write at night or is that just free time?


Kind of both. I am most alert and do most of my thinking at night. I’ll literally be tired all day, but when 11pm hits I’m wide awake again.


I write from the afternoon to almost the evening sometimes late at night any food will do but Its nice to have a cup of coffee or water on your desk

hope this helped


Since I’m a Mum I’m a night owl as it’s the only time I have the freedom to write.


Lol, I eat spinach anytime, but I like to eat it in the mornings, I really don’t care what everyone else says. :joy: Anyways, not only is it healthy, but yes, it makes me brain super powers. :rofl: I’m just kidding, but it does help, trust me!


I write in the evening, I have an 8 month old baby boy so it makes writing earlier in the morning pretty difficult.

I also don’t eat when I write because then I start thinking of other things :wink:


Just call me a multitasker; I can snack and write any day. :rofl:


Night owl mode is the best for me when I’m writing, especially when no one is around ,Food distracts my attention so I stay away from it lol. :wink: