When does episode review a story?

i recently published my story about a week ago (its thriller if that matters) and i would like to know when does a story get reviewed by episode ive seen around when it hits the 101 rank in genre but my story has hit that rank like 4-5 times now and i still have yet to be reviewed like does it have to stay at 101 for a long time or? bc my story hits 101 then like maybe 3 hours later goes up to like 102 or 104 or 115 stuff like this but then it goes back down to 101 so im wondering if for them to review it needs to constantly stay at 101 or if it hits 101 then it will get reviewed no matter if it stays or what
for example as of rn my rank just went up to 102 after it was at 101

There is no exact “time” for review from what I heard. Sometimes it can be first week, few weeks later, month or 3 months (or even more). It really depends on many factors. (For example, we have weekend now, 2 contests going on and I believe that’s their focus now.)
I’d just say - try to focus on your story/stories without worrying about it.

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Your story has probably been queued for review since it hit rank 101. But the amount of time it takes for a member of the Episode team to finish reviewing your story is anyone’s guess. Things like story length, weekends/breaks, and whether the reviewer is lazy or not play a factor.

Theoretically, once you hit 101 that should que your story for a review. However, there are a number of things that can slow this down such as them giving priority to contest entries and what not (as mentioned above by others). I had a story that hit 101 when I released the initial 3 episodes, then hit it again each time I released new episodes (three in total, but separated by weeks in between). Long story short, it was a good ten months before Episode actually reviewed it. If I hadn’t been busy juggling a second story at the same time, I probably would have been going crazy trying to figure out why it was taking so long. So my advice is to try not to stress out about it. That way lies madness. :laughing: