When does your school start?

Yikes I have school on august 25th and I’m so not ready for it🤢


In 2 weeks :sob::sob::sob:

I started on the 3rd :sweat_smile:


I start on 1st September


Damm sis💀 in which country do you live

Same :grin:


i start the 8th

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Me too!)

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The 31

The US lol. I live in Georgia and we went back already.

I live in texas and we just started today

I think i go back either august 30th or the 31s.

Mine starts the 24, this monday😭

I started the 12th

it’s absolutely terrible :skull:

September 21st :sunglasses:

School started for me earlier this week on the 17th.

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Same :pensive:

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mine starts in 2 and a half weeks and i’m so not ready bc summer made me stupid and forget everything that i learned T-T

I have “transition days” on August 31 and September 2. I am supposed to start learning on September 8th. Don’t ask me what a transition day entails, my school district seems to not want to share anything until the last possible moment.

I’ve been in school for two weeks :flushed: