When episode broke their own rules

  1. promotes or depicts excessive violence or assault-Chain reaction is full of this.
  2. including but not limited to sexual assault, murder, and torture against humans or animals-Chain reaction shows the MC shooting and killing someone before she even knew he was a robber.
  3. promotes suicide, self-harm, abuse, or bullying- Just about every bad boy story does this. Bad boys bully and are seen as the most desirable/ideal for women to have.
  4. promotes excessive alcohol, tobacco or drug usage-Chain reaction and King Theo, the characters smoke inssesently.
  5. portrays adult themes, including pornographic content, nudity, or prostitution; slanders or libels a person or third part
    excessive use of profanity or sexually explicit phrases-Campus Crush shows a close up of an obviously naked women in the act of having sex. Chain reaction, the MC is shown naked in bed with Trey.
  6. excessive promotion of the use of firearms, explosives, and ammunition; and excessive promotion of a political agenda-Two words-Chain Reaction.

I’m not against breaking the rules, but I don’t like how other stories are removed because they do. It’s
Ike “we can do it and you can’t, nyah, nyah, nyah”


Preach :clap:


So true I totally agree, you forgot Noob Loop’s stories especially Sore Loser (which has been taken down) and Pregnant By My Student and many offensive content I forgot to mention. :blush:


I agree with you but I am in love with Chain reaction.


Matter of choice. I don’ t think criminals should be glamorised


I know but It’s too late I’m already in love…

Lol I’m crazy.


This is more about how they break their own rules, but delete any others who do.
FTR, I HATE Chain reaction


I agree…
But still I LOVE Chain Reaction.


Sorry, as seeing victims of criminals, I think Chain reaction is a disgrace. Probably the worst story I’ve read here


What’s your favourite story?




I mean I agree with everything you’re saying
And there are some great stories that don’t have to use that behaviour.


Fortunately those ones aren’t official Episode stories, unlike Chain Reaction 2 & 3.


Me too. Trey is so unlikeable


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I don’t like any of them


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Since the thread is about Episode breaking their own rules I suggest staying on topic before one of the mods comes and closes it or warns you.

On that note, yeah I think it’s pretty unfair that Episode features stories that break some of their rules. Yet other writers sometimes get their stories banned without notice for minor things. You can’t even report a featured story in the app, because clearly they can do no wrong :roll_eyes:. You didn’t even mention It starts with a bra. So many things wrong with that one, wont get into that because there’s threads about it already.


It Starts With A Bra made me want to rip my own hair out. That story promotes sexual harassment and sexual humiliation as ‘hot’.


Ugh, same here, and I don’t even have that much hair to rip out.

(My IRL hair is sort of a cross between Buzzed Hair and Shaved Sides, for the curious.)