When episode broke their own rules


You forget 5 shows nothing about promotion.
Also bullying is promoted because the girl wants the bad boy even more when he bullies her.


I said that some of the rules were broken- but I’m talking about the rules that talked about promotion of drugs/alcohol/ smoking. The stories show it- yes- but they don’t promote it. I don’t really like that in stories, but it’s not like it’s promoting it.


Well all the “cool” desirable bad boys smoke, so it’s promoting it in a way.


I do agree with you on the bullying one


In a way but they’re not outright telling the viewers to smoke, but you have a point there.


Same. I think its cool Ms. MJ got so many reads but…

I think it’s kinda bad… Sorry.


I loved Chain Reaction a couple years ago. It was the time gang stories were actually special (non-existent). It was thrilling to read and was so movie-like. However, it inspired hundreds of writers, many with horribly demented minds like the lovely Noob Loop, flood the trending section just because they have a ‘sexy bad boys’ in their story. So I hate them now (the ones with the same plot, no originality, horrible characters, cruel themes).

Adrenaline is a creative gang story that’s actually amazing and isn’t barbaric in the slightest.

Also yes, Episode is a hypocrite lol. They need to update their guidelines.


I agree.


Before we get lost in the romancisation of the people shown in this story, let’s not forget they’re in the mafia. Here’s what the mafia do:
Kill people (innocent or evil, men, women and children)
Threaten and intimidate people.
Extort poor businesses for money.
Silence anyone who tries to speak out against their criminal activities.
Murder police.
Beat people to pulps.
Threaten their victims families.
Threaten or murder anyone who goes to the police for help.
Ruin people’s lives by dealing drugs.
Illegal prostitution.
Lots more I can’t think of at the moment.

They’re not the heroes shown in Chain Reaction. They’re scum who need to be eradicated from this planet.
What makes me sick, is the MC from CR is an innocent girl who is already with a nice guy. Now she leaves him to become one of those scumbags.


I don’t really remember the story, but wasn’t her ex also an abusive asshole?


Adrenaline is the only gang stories I’he read because it’s a dystopian fiction. The gang fights against injustice (oppression of women and LGBT+ people). Instead of running around killing people like Chain Reaction. Don’t they say the gang doesn’t kill. They murder someone in the first episode…


I remember that! I think people are more accepting because it’s a fictional story app. Still, murderers are horrible humans not protagonists. :roll_eyes:


And swearing? In Chain reaction they drop the f Bomb nearly every paragraph. And I was warned against putting it more than once in my story