When first viewing a story…

What’s something in the first episode of a story that makes you stop reading it, and what’s something that makes you stay?


I get turned off by too many disclaimers before any actual content begins.

Too long before the story starts and I am away with the faeries.

A good hook, a mystery, an interesting concept and visuals help keep my attention


Extremely detailed narration when it comes to introducing all the characters in the story. It’s so boring and I prefer getting to know the character by their actions, not just words on top of more words. Just cut to the chase, I prefer visuals too


Hey SnowWrites,

I agree with @ChrisReborn: when a story starts with ‘I am MC and am 21 years old and live in an apartment with my grandma’ I will end reading. I don’t like introductions with too many narration and with a whole day description of what LI and MC did in every episode. I don’t need to know how they start their day with eating breakfast, talking, eating lunch, sh*tting and showering in every episode. I’d like to read a story, not a daily show of a character.
For the rest: Yes, I can live with bad grammar (because I am no native English speaker either) but if which, witch; your, you’re and were, we’re or where get mixed up it gets irritating.
And CC or no CC, choices or no choices doesn’t matter to me. As long as I see the author took the time to write his/her story and love the storyline I will continue reading.

Love A-W


What turns me off instantly are author introductions :woozy_face: Like “Hi, I’m the author of the story. Here’s some info before you start.” It’s unnecessary.

Bad directing is the next thing. I know not everyone is gonna be a pro from the start but learning, trying and putting effort is key.

What @/ChrisReborn said too, long character introductions that tell a side character’s whole life story. I’ve forgotten most of it before it’s over.

A messy plot line is a turn off as well. And it can be spotted pretty early on, luckily. Like when there are unnecessary or “filler” scenes I can tell the author didn’t really bother to plan the plot thoroughly.

What makes me stay or at least continue reading is great character design. Visual like nice outfits and face features. By that I don’t mean that every character has to be beautiful and dress like a model but I can definitely see if someone put effort into creating the character.
But also the character’s personality. If it’s not really visible in the first episode, there is not much to connect with.

I like me some good narration. The language is important, no overusing of words and phrases, originality. And also a good length.

The aesthetics are also important for me. Your choice of background and overlays but also a smooth and moody scene setting.


Bad grammar and bad directing are a dealbreaker for me. I’ve seen a lot of stories that practically introduce characters at the beginning in narration, which is the last thing you should do when writing a story.

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Won’t read past chapter 1

Stories that start by showing a future scene , then say let’s go back to when it all started. I don’t want to see anything from the future.
Stories with poor grammar.
No substance to main characters.
Long intros at the start.
Childish characters.
Cliche toxic mean characters .

Stories that make me want to read on

Well written
Original concepts
Visually pleasing and good directing
Characters with substance

All readers are different, what I dislike others may be fine with.
I’m sure it’s difficult as a writer , you can never please everyone. Chapter 1 is your one chance to grip the reader to wanting more though,
Just be happy yourself with what you write.


Honestly, I can live with character introductions and even bad grammar, because English is not my language either,

The only thing that totally turns me off is when the male character is twice as big as the female character… like I can’t look at this :see_no_evil:

It looks like old dude and child, not sexy at all.

Like this lol


Oh my!!! My MC has a height difference from the LI but damn :rofl::rofl: that’s taking to it far.


:joy: In my story LI is also taller than MC, but not that much :rofl: But there is one story that I see in suggested posts on Instagram every day and there is the same difference as in my picture :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:

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that is insanity :worried:



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When there’s too much narration. Like, the whole point is to show us what happens and not only tell us.

When if it’s a romance story, the love goes too fast

Cliché mean girl vs nerd plot

NO MUSIC OH MY GOODNESS this is the worst one for me like literally if there’s no music i just stop reading

Poor coding and transitions

When theres diamonds choices (even if they’re 5 diamonds… still.no.)


Bad directing, flat characters, basic story plot/ story.

I hate the long introductions but I’ll still continue reading anyway just to see if the story is good, but usually I’m already bored (don’t ever continue them in every chapter I hate it)
I hate when the directing is choppy and the characters are flat. If the story is too fast-paced then I feel like it’s also choppy and not worth my passes.

In the story I’m writing, I have an introduction but it’s short and it’s there to provide actual needed information that can’t be shown easily (it probably wouldn’t make sense lol).

(Many ideas have already been done, adding interesting concepts and twists will make a story way better)

I want to see twists that haven’t been done a whole lot it makes it a lot more interesting.
Stories are better when you can jump right into them :sparkles: (like the story I’m currently writing)

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Oh my gosh, this is me too. I want to see the characters do something rather than, idk, Billy is my childhood best friend, etc.

There’s a reason that the piece of writing that has often been dubbed the worst fan fiction of all time starts with:

“My name is Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Ravenway and I have long ebony black hair (that’s how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee…”

Yeah, I think you know the rest. (If you don’t, lucky you.)


Author introduction. I dont mind it if its short but I dont really like them but thats just me.

Too much narration especially when I can see the character walking to a room for example and they narrate it instead of just letting it play out.

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OMG My Immortal :joy:

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I was curious so I looked for myself anndddd…yeah :sob: