When I create a new character, they don't show up in chainging outfits

I saw someone else have this problem but that post i closed so I’m asking again.

I can create new people but once I’m going to “Outfits” they don’t show up in the list, only the old characters show up. I can’t change their default outfits either, only create new outfits.

Photo for reference, that outfit showing now is now the default outfit for EVERY male character,
I can’t change it back cause they now all have that outfit in the script.

How do I solve this?

This is also stuck, doesn’t change when I change character. :arrow_up_small:

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Did you save the outfit first?

And also im confused.
Is the bartender also MOSES?

No it’s not, that’s the problem I have. :confused:

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Have you tried refreshing the website you’re using?

Yup, doesn’t work. It’s been like this for a week now.

Oh dang i don’t really know.
But if you haven’t coded anything on your script I’d advise you to click on start a new story.
or maybe submit/request a ticket from episode.

I was about to type that it probably is and error somewhere and gonna try and start a new one to see if it goes away. Good thing I saved the scripts elsewhere. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Thats good.

That didn’t solve the problem sadly :confused: Can’t change the characters outfits, I hope the devs fix this as soon as possible, can’t create storys other wise. :cry: I’ve reported it to bugs report.

oh okay.
I think that happened to me two days ago.
i had to delete all the cloth i created. and recreate new clothes.

I managed to create the two main characters clothes, but once I went to the third on two of the characters stopped showing up.



As you can see, Silvana won’t show up in the characters list. :frowning:
Neither the Blonde women.

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Sumbit a ticket… Is that the same thing as reporting a bug? Or sumbiting a ticker is somewhere else?

Oh dang.
Its good as you submitted a ticket.

i think it is.

When on the outfit creation page you have to click on My Outfits to see all the outfits (on the left of the screen).

Where you’re clicking at the moment only shows characters that fit the body type of the outfit you’re looking at.

Nevermind. The problem came back again, still can’t change characters outfits in “Go to Outfits.”

I don’t understand. :confused: It only shows clothes but I want to see the person in the outfit while I try it out. I’ve been doing this before? Why doesn’t it work now?

I think I get it now! What have Episode dun?! Why ruin a thing that worked?!? :sob: :woman_facepalming: Have they changed the system or something? I’m so confused!!

They’ve completely changed the outfit section, it’s confused a lot of people.