When i say: music off episode thinks i'm chosing another sound

hey, i so i have a question: when i say music off, episode things i’m choosing another sound, becouse of this i can’t save my script, can someone please help!

this is what i did:


Try writing:

@pause for 0

under music off


To be fair, my life is perfect!

@transition fade out black in 0

music off

@pause for 0

thank you so much :heart::heart::heart: i’m going to try it

NP, let me know how it goes

I think the problem is with this part:

music static
@pause for 1
music off

The error tells you that there should be something in between these lines (in addition to the pause).

ohw thank youu i’m going to look at it :slight_smile:

If that does not work try putting
sound static

It will play just once and you don’t need to turn it off. If you put music, it will loop until you turn it off.

thank youuu

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