When I spot direct it won't work!

I spot directed my character, but when I spot direct her, she moves to the spot she was before. This has happened before and I had to change up my WHOLE story because of this stupid thing! I’m on the edge of giving up.

Here’s my code: INT. GRAND DINING TABLE4 - DAY
@DAVE ADAM spot 1.280 233 37 AND DAVE ADAM faces left
@ROSE ADAM spot 1.263 110 48 AND ROSE ADAM faces right
@DAVE ADAM starts talk_sit_neutral_arms_crossed
@ROSE ADAM starts talk_sit_reassure
@pause for 5
Here’s what it looks like:

Make sure you include the zone you want her in since I’m pretty sure this background is more than one zone.

It’d be like: @CHARACTER spot X Y Z in zone 2 and CHARACTER faces right and CHARACTER is (insert animation)

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Thank you it worked!

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YAY! You’re welcome :3


Solved and closed. :smiley:

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