When I try and remove a character it doesn't work


Hey, does any one know how to remove characters because when I did it, it doesn’t work. Heres a pic:




@TheOfficialQueens I did that.


My bad I didn’t see it :sweat_smile:


Maybe try to add @pause for a beat before @remove Sam :thinking:


@Alex_98, thanks I’ll try it, when I get home.


@Alex_98 it doesn’t work


So after you tap on the speechbubble “by see you guys”, your character doesn’t disappear?


Hey, I tried it and it works, but she still shows up when the speech bubbles come out. here is 2 pics:


No, when I press the speech bubble it works, but when the speech bubble appears, she appears too.


So you want her to disappear before the “by see you guys” speechbubble?




Then you’d have to either place her offscreen or use the narrator speech bubble for that character. When you have a character speak, they show up in the scene. So that’s why she reappears when she says her line.


Ok, thanks, @Dara.Amarie.