When I try reading a chapter it keeps crashing

So, I’m currently trying to read, Magicals by Leight.episode. I really love the story but I would really love to be able to continue the story.
I’ve already sent a ticket but every option they gave me don’t work.

So, I’m trying to read Chapter 9. I have the title screen and then black screen and the app crashes. It’s the first time that it does this to me and I’ve been reading on episode for a WHILE have in mind that I read episode before INK was even a thing.

I tried: reboot my phone, try opening it on BlueStack (the story does exactly the same), I have more than enough space on my phone, I tried on WiFi and on 4G, I even tried to log on my mom’s phone (who has an IPhone and I have an android) but no luck. It’s really bothering me since I really do love the story. The author said that she knows that almost everyone who has an android phone this chapter is always crashing, she contacted the support, and they said that everyone has to contact episode support because there isn’t something they can do on the story and it has to be a one to one case.

My phone is an LG v50 ThinQ 5G, and he’s recent, I have him since December.

I really would appreciate any help.

Thank you, in advance, if anyone can help me please I beg you.

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The same thing keeps happening to me! I try to read chapter 9, but after the intro it just crashes!

It’s the exact same issue that I have. It’s so frustrating because the story is literally so good

Me too! I tried to read a story called galaxy intertwined and I got to the episode… Suddenly the screen went black and crashed. I have a new Android too bought it this year

Message the author so they can contact episode. That how it was solved for Magicals

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I did but the author said she can’t do anything so I have to message Episode myself. And she also said to me that people have that problem because their device is old.

But this is a new phone… Do I need to have 2021 phone…

No from what the author of Magicals said it something in there stories that made it crash

Oh my god! This happens to me soooo much on a lot of different stories!

Wherever I read chapter 41 start me back to chapter 1 do you know why it does that