When I try to rotate overlay it shifts to a new spot

I think the title is kinda self-explanatory haha

Basically when I put in the code

@overlay MOTORBIKEWHEEL rotates 360 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0.15 then overlay MOTORBIKEWHEEL rotates -360 anchor point 0.2 0.2 in 0 loop infinite times

It shows up like this

But without the code it shows up like this

I just can’t seem to find what I’m doing wrong hahaha

It happens alot!
Whenever we rotate the overlay it automatically changes its spot.
u should spot it after the rotate is done.
and paste that spot where u put the other spot…

I hope that makes sense… lol

or maybe u rotated the overlay too much? :kissing:

Yes haha! Thank you very much :smiley:

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It’s fixed :grin:

Just throw an idea an option in the hide helpers for rotate in the screen the overlay. it be easier
And a few other things there like the bubbles that every second have to go out to continue the dialogue a lot of things that they change that are a bit annoying. like, put a new overlay we have to reload the page before seeing it. once it wasn’t like that