When in History Would You Want To Be a Child?

So I’m just thinking how the different times in history are so different, we have definitely evolved tons and rules are less stricter. So my question is when in history would you have liked to be a child and why? You can’t choose the 21st century, or anywhere after 1910 including anywhere in the future, think of a time in the past and how children were treated back then, and how they grew up. I want to know why you chose this time in history aswell. I’m curious :eyes:


Honestly, the present is the best time. When more recent, more easier to be a kid…
But on the other hand, maybe the 80’s would have been great since we wouldn’t have access to internet and all of that…
I really don’t know :rofl:

Present, because many died during childhood, and those who didn’t had to grow up fast and work

I think around when I was born was a good time, I was born on 99 and had a really good childhood without cellphones and playing with my neighbours on the street, I wouldn’t want to be a child on the '80s on my country because of the dictatorship that happened in my country during that decade, I wouldn’t have enjoyed it, so I’m pretty comfortable with being a 99 baby:)

Vampires baby
Why, just hoping some one wolud turn me so I would be able to.experiece all the history


I wouldn’t go back in time to any era tbh I love vintage culture but I’d be killed if I lived in anywhere before the 70s. I’d rather stay in the present of leap to the future, at least 50 years later…

Ohhhh. Because you’re…right. I won’t say why because I doubt you want me to.

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