When is a good idea to start to publish my episodes?

Hey Guys!

I have created about 7 episodes and super keen to publish my story to see what you all think. A couple of worries I have -

  1. I am worried my episodes aren’t long enough. What would you classify as a long enough episode?

  2. I have only created 7 episodes but a lot of the stories I read are 50+ episodes. When is a good idea to start publishing them to keep up with demand? Should I wait until I have done at least 10?

Some help would be greatly appreciated xx

  1. 7 episodes is enough.

  2. Do you want me to beta read your story?

How do I do that without publishing my whole story?

Some eps I am still working on as I have changed some of my story but I am happy to share to see if I am on the right path.

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7 episodes is more than enough for the start. just remember to update at least once a week! then there should be no problem. as for how long the episode should be, how many lines does your current chapter have?

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On the portal where it shows your story title, there is a link at the bottom of the page. It’ll probably have a button that says ‘copy’ next to it. That’s your share link. Copy that link and paste it here. It will appear on a shelf in my “create” section called “Friends’ Stories” and I will be able to preview it.

Yeah I guess I could start to release my story now and only do a couple of episodes first and then that gives me some time to do my next episode so I am always ahead!

Most are about 300 - 600 lines

This one?

Some readers feel like short episodes are a “waste of passes”. so your story has 300-600 lines including the commands? (walks to spot, overlay shifts to etc.)
or is 300 just the script?

Yes that’s it

300 was total for episode 2. It’s probably a bit short…Most of my other episodes are 700+ including commands

Ekk I’m nervous…No one has read my story yet haha :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I personally recommend, that your story has 800-1600 lines. around 800 it makes it 7 minutes long I think.

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can I read the 1st episode and give you an honest opinion?

Yes please! I still need to add in art etc


the button doesn’t work for me? it says that I need to install episode but I have it already?

Press “Read Story After Install”

i did and it does nothing

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it doesn’t even ask you to open Episode?

nope, nothing happens

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are you on Android or iPhone?