When is the best time to publish a story help!

Hey guys…I’m close to finishing my 5 chapters for first 2 stories and I would just like to know when is the best time to publish? Any help would be highly appreciated :)) :blob_hearts:

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RNRNRN right now plez

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Five chapters seem like enough although don’t publish them all because you’ll have to deal with updates when people start reading your story. Also, make SURE that spelling and scenes make sense. Readers will understand a few mistakes, but take your time as this can turn a lot of ppl off.

And make sure you’ve followed the guidelines. :dizzy::revolving_hearts: Good Luck.

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thank you sm !! ik proofreading takes so long but I know I hate stories with bad grammar or spelling so I’m trying my best !!

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I think the best time publish is whenever you feel comfortable and are satisfied with how the first few chapters have turned out. Focus more on what you think rather than what the readers are going to think about it.

Good luck!


thank you for the help !!

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