When is the chapter to have the mc & li kiss? 😚

Hey I was wondering… (as the title says :arrow_up:) :blob_hearts:

Do you think episode 7 is too early, or late? :blob_hearts:

Thanks for reading, I just need some feedback for what you guys like and what isn’t to late or early. I don’t want my story to be fast paced with love since it’s not just about that. :blob_hearts:

Well that depends on how your story develops and how characters interact (Whether be it a rom-com or slow burn fantasy/mystery/thriller).
Its your tale make it your style, you know its never too late and never too early, So explore different angles you might find ur perfect moments for your characters.

Bonus Tip

Actually you can give tat option to readers , like using points system it will be more inclusive and reader feels he/she has more control over interactions with story!
Tat way u don’t need to overthink if its early or late! :wink:

I don’t know whether this helped or not just my thoughts on your questions! :relaxed:
Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Thank you so much, it helps! :blob_hearts:

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Mention not! :wink:

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