When making an all style story, I hardly ever experienced glitches

When I was making all style stories I hardly saw any glitch or hindrances, the only hindrance I experienced was because of other things, like a character not being made in the script, and the hairs saying that they didn’t exist when in reality the problem came from the character not existing. Yeah, those happened to me all at once.

It is wise to mark your story in the tags/keyword section “All Styles” or whatever so that it can be found because it does not have a style type, people have published like this and I am sure that they have turned out fine, I played one and I didn’t see any problems.

I found the story on the search on the episode app while looking for stories with all styles in them.

Now, the only glitch was fixed by the release of Limelight, Limelight’s release made it the way that instead of having to create as many INK characters as possible before classic characters, because if you created a classic character it would make it switch the style to classic and you could no longer make any more INK characters

I tried to find a way to do it, and I found it. Back then, just make INK first.

Now, you can make any style you want first because of Limelight.

At least, that’s what I blamed.


I have a deviant art post that will help you.

Trust, you have to read the description because that is where this info is.

Episode Interactive Both Styles…IN ONE STORY by lpsgirlgirlgirl on @DeviantArt

If you can not make it work try this:

Either Create another story and follow the instructions in the post.

Or two:

Simply follow the instructions on the post.

There is no option to create all styles and if you are, here is a tip:

If you replace “story” with “characters” it won’t work. Replace it with “character” instead.

Thank you and goodbye.

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